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Australian Welcome (In Colour)


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British Movietone News


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28 Feb 1963
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Feb 1963
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  1. 1Blisters to Brighton
  2. 2Australian Welcome (In Colour)


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Australian Welcome (In Colour). DESCRIPTION: At Adelaide, capital of South Australia, it seemed that nearly everyone in the city attended the Garden Party, which took place in the Botanical Gardens. Her Majesty mingled with the 9,000 guests, chatting with quite a number. This was an occasion when the royal couple really met the people face to face. Younger Australians - more than 70,000 of them - had their own chance to say hello. Unfortunately before the Royal arrival many of them had to receive medical attention after waiting in the open with the temperature nudging 100 degrees. But finally, the heat was all forgotten, and everyone was on tip-toe to shout and wave their welcome. On to Victoria, and its own graceful capital Melbourne, built on the banks of the Yarra River. You can’t say you’ve visited Melbourne without a day at Flemington Races. The big race of the meeting was the Queen’s Cup, with a capacity field of 18 runners and there was a mile and a half to go, and £5,000 for the winner. It was Aladdin’s Lamp, owned jointly by three Australian golfers - Ken Nagle, Norman von Nida and Peter Thompson. All three were playing a tournament in Malaya, so a very proud Mrs Thompson was to receive the Queen’s Cup - from the Queen herself. SHOTLIST: Key scene (fade in). AS Adelaide (2 shots). GV Torrens River, Adelaide (2 shots). AS pan down - garden party (held at the Botanical Gardens). Crowds at party (2 shots). MS ducks. Queen arrives (2 shots). MS crowd. MS Queen talks to women. CU Duke of Edinburgh. MS crowd. Duke talks to crowds (2 shots). GV crowd. Women’s hats (4 shots). MS statue - pan down crowd. AS garden party. AS crowds (2 shots). MS girls sit in shade. MS children waving. GV Queen and Duke walk through crowds. MS children waving. GV Queen and Duke through crowds. MCU children waving (4 shots). AS Queen and Duke in car, crowds waving (2 shots). MS Queen and Duke out of car. GV flag, choir singing to Queen and Duke (4 shots). AS Melbourne. AS bridge over Yarra River, street scenes in Melbourne (5 shots). MCU crown decorating street. AS crowds at Flemington races. Ladies in fancy hats (8 shots). Queen and Duke through crowds (2 shots), horses in paddock (3 shots). GV crowd. GV start of Queen’s Cup race. MS Queen and Duke watching, race in progress with Aladdin’s Lamp winning (2 shots). GV crowds. Jockeys on horseback (2 shots). GV crowds. MS Queen presents cup to Mrs Thompson (wife of golfer Peter Thompson). GV crowd. MS Queen and Duke. AS Melbourne. Royal Tour of Australia.
Royalty; Sport; Horse racing; Music and dance; Entertainment and leisure; Health and medicine; Weather
Melbourne; Australia; Adelaide
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Leslie Mitchell
Mark McDonald
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