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The Wedding of HRH Princess Margaret. And. Anthony Armstrong-Jones


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British Movietone News


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9 May 1960
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  1. 1The Wedding of HRH Princess Margaret. And. Anthony Armstrong-Jones


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Royal Wedding. DESCRIPTION: Our film shows scenes of the Wedding in Westminster Abbey, and the return to Buckingham Palace. Then, Princess Margaret and her husband are seen leaving Buckingham Palace for their honeymoon and boarding the Royal Yacht Britannia from the Pool of London. SHOTLIST: GV decorations. MS people lying down. CU same (4). MS crowds. CU crowds tidying up. CU people reading newspapers. CU another (2). TS crowds. LS coach leaves Buckingham Palace with Queen, Queen Mother & Prince Charles. MS Queen in coach. LS same. MS Princess Anne arrives at Westminster Abbey. MS car. MS other bridesmaids arriving. GV procession from Clarence House. Top shot crowd. Zoom to glass coach - Princess Margaret waving. GV crowds. GV procession. TS crowds. MS glass coach. LS procession. GV procession in Whitehall. MS Princess Margaret waving. MS coach arrives at Westminster Abbey. CU ditto. MS Princess Margaret gets out of coach. CU coach. TS bride & Prince Philip enter. Low angle shot Abbey. GV interior Abbey. TS Royal family seated. MS other members of Royal family. SCU Groom and Best Man. Assembly. HAS Princess Margaret and Prince Philip up aisle. TS same. LS same. MLS Princess Margaret, the Groom and Prince Philip. LS Dean of Westminster begins ceremony. CU Archbishop of Canterbury. LS same (sound). CU Bride and Groom kneeling. CU Queen and Queen Mother. GV interior Abbey. CU Archbishop - pan to Bride. MS ceremony. LS same. TS guests. CU same. GV interior Abbey. LAS Abbey. CU Archbishop. TS guests. LS ceremony (3). MCU Queen Mother (2). Guests. TS Bride & Groom - Bride curtsies. HAS couple walking down aisle. MS same. HAS same. MS couple leave Abbey. CU Princess Margaret in coach. TS bridesmaids. MS coach moves off. GV procession (3). Crowds. MLS coach passing. GV procession. GV procession passes Victoria Memorial. MLS royal coach. HAS procession enters Buckingham Palace. MLS same. MS couple in Palace. MCU Bride & Groom. MLS bridesmaids. GV crowds outside Palace. GV crowds surging forward. HAS same. GV crowds. MAS crowds. GV crowds. MS Royal family on balcony. Pan over crowds. GV crowds. HAS crowds (2). MLS family send off. MLS couple in car. MS Royal family waving. GV car leaving. GV Britannia. CU couple MLS yacht leaves. GV same (2). LAS couple on fore-deck. GV Tower Bridge opens. TS couple. GV Britannia. MLS couple on fore-deck. GV Britannia.
Royalty; Buildings and structures; Mass media; Ships and boats; Vehicles; Marriages; Navy; Military; Religion and belief
London; England
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Geoffrey Sumner
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