Countess Mountbatten


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British Movietone News


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25 Feb 1960
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  1. 1Countess Mountbatten
  2. 2Coronation in Malaya
  3. 3Lester Piggott Weds
  4. 4Winter Olympics
  5. 5Carnival Time
  6. *Manchester Utd. V Sheffield Weds

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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Countess Mountbatten. DESCRIPTION: The deepest sympathy is expressed to Lord Mountbatten on the death of his wife at the age of fifty-eight. The Countess Mountbatten of Burma was the last Vicerene and the friendship she won in India was one of her greatest achievements. Dr Jinnah, leader of the Moslem peoples, welcomed her welfare work as sincerely as did Gandhi. Here, she’s in Burma with her husband and their two daughters, Lady Patricia and Lady Pamela. It was during the wedding of their elder daughter, that Prince Philip made a first public appearance with the Royal Family. Lady Patricia was the bride of Lord Brabourne. More recently, at Broadlands, the wedding of her younger daughter, Lady Pamela. SHOTLIST: MS Earl & Countess Mountbatten. CU same. SCU same. GV ceremony. MS Earl & Countess Mountbatten. MS Indian people watching. MS Earl & Countess Mountbatten. MS same and Dr Jinnah. MS same and Gandhi. MS Countess & Gandhi. MS Countess looking at patients. MS Countess looking at sick man. CU Countess with another patient. MS Countess shaking hands with nurses. MS Countess with patient. MS children. SCU Countess among children. MS Lord & Countess and two children. LS same. MS same looking in pond. CU Countess Mountbatten.
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Not shown in Manchester or Leeds.
Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Health and medicine; Aristocracy; Social conditions; Death; Marriages
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Geoffrey Sumner
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