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Moon Rocket


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British Movietone News


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8 Oct 1959
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Royal Auction
  2. 2Wonderful Escape
  3. 3Olympic Preview
  4. 4Shoe News
  5. 5Moon Rocket


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5 / 5
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Moon Rocket. DESCRIPTION: If pictures of Russian launchings are not released, one can be certain that the firing of their latest sensation, the Moon Rocket, was no less dramatic than this giant American rocket, prepared to be launched. As in America, so in Russia, the take-off must always be a critical moment. Moscow said that the launching of its Moon rocket was perfect. But it is reported that American stations listening for signals from Lunik III have been disappointed. One of the other hand, confirmation that it was right on course was soon obtained by Britain’s famous radio telescope at Jodrell Bank. A diagram illustrates the big idea. SHOTLIST: Drawing of Sputnik (key & title). Night LS American rocket on launching pad. Pan up same. MS scientist - pan to base of rocket. CU base of rocket. MS same. CU scientist. LS rocket leaves ground. Low angle radio aerial. MS radar disc. CU scientist working equipment. Another same. CU equipment. CU scientist reading equipment. Same. CU equipment. CU scientist turns dial. Angled shot aerial. GV Jodrell Bank Telescope. Interior bowl same. Diagram showing rocket leaving Earth. Same - showing approach to moon. Closer showing rocket circling earth.
Buildings and structures; Weather; Aviation; Communications; Science and technology; Space
United States of America; England
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Geoffrey Sumner
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