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Mecca Pilgrimage


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
30 Aug 1954
Date submitted
23 Aug 1954
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  2. 2Miss Great Britain
  3. 3US Train Wreck
  4. 4Errand of Mercy
  5. 5New Mine Destroyer
  6. 6A Dog’s Life
  7. 7Ride’em Cowboy
  8. 8War on Gnats
  9. 9Mecca Pilgrimage
  10. *Southport Flower Show

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Story No. within this Issue
9 / 9
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Pakistan Governor General Visits Saudi Arabia for Mecca Ceremony. DESCRIPTION: The Begum Aga Khan was among the many thousands of pilgrims visiting the great holy city of Islam. SHOTLIST: Scenes of the town of Hejaz. Looking through a hole in the wall. Lorries carrying pilgrims. Pilgrims walking. On camels. CU of riders. LS of encampment. CU of various tents. An angled shot of The Kaba. Pilgrims running and being carried in litters running round the Kaba. CU of the Black Stone. Various people kissing it. People struggling to get near it. The Begum Aga Khan and Governor General kissing the stone. Scenes of pelting the stone cairn. The Begum throwing stones.
Women; Religion and belief
Saudi Arabia; Hejaz
Footage sources
Directorate of Films Government of Pakistan
Card file number
Lionel James Gamlin
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