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Royal Pilgrims Visit Westminster Abbey


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British Movietone Gazette


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2 Jul 1934
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Royal Pilgrims Visit Westminster Abbey
  2. 2Picture Paragraphs in the Week’s News: First snapshot is outboard international streaking over Seine in pursuit of Trophy
  3. 3Picture Paragraphs in the Week’s News: London - Lord Mayor attends his son’s funeral
  4. 4Austin is Beaten in Wimbledon Singles


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1 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: King and Queen Visit Westminster Abbey. DESCRIPTION: Their Majesties take little granddaughter, Princess Elizabeth to service in aid of unemployed. SHOTLIST: The King and Queen alight from car and are greeted at gates by the Archbishop. The Princess Elizabeth is seen with her grandparents. Pan shot from top of Westminster Abbey to the ground below. The K&Q and Princess walk along with the clergy. The royalty drive away. Close shot of the special badge Pilgrimage 1034 made for the occasion. Shot of Canterbury Cathedral and the Archbishop speaking.
Royalty; Buildings and structures; Social conditions; Social welfare; Religion and belief
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