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Scottish Re-Afforestation Scheme


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
18 May 1950
Date submitted
15 May 1950
Stories in this Issue:
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  2. 2Germans Pay Tribute to Russian Memorial
  3. 3Shoes - Paris Displays the Latest
  4. 4Triple Tie in Golf Classic
  5. 5The Highlands Come to London
  6. 6Royal Visitors See Grand Prix Car Race
  7. *Scottish Re-Afforestation Scheme
  8. *Their Majesties En Route to Balmoral

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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Scottish Re-Afforestation. DESCRIPTION: The Forestry Commission is working at Calvin to reclaim land and plant it with young Corsican pine trees. SHOTLIST: GV. Row of men preparing planting site at Newham Forest Nursery near Elgin (x2). MS men sowing seed. MCU men & women pull roller over seed. MCU raking over seed, GV Calvin horse pulling away felled tree (x2). GV branches being loaded onto wagon (x3). LS wagon with branches past sand dune, GV branches being pulled off wagon. MS district officer & head forester pan to sand dune. GV team of men planting small fir trees. CU tree planted. CU small tree amongst protecting brushwood (x2). GV small water tanker man with hose on top. CU man with water hose. GV water jet over trees. Elgin, Scotland - Men and women ploughing the land with tractor, hand operated plougher and horse. Men sowing seeds by hand. Rolling ground. Cullen, Scotland - Horse pulling felled trees. Men loading trees onto lorry. MS tractor with large load of brushwood. Men pulling of brushwood. District officer and head forester discussing. Shot of sandy land. Small trees being planted amongst brushwood. Man on tank-type machine hosing the forest of pine to protect from fire.
Researcher Comments
Commentary: Great activity is to be witnessed at the Newham Forest Tree Nursery near Elgin, where they are thinking not of Scotland’s needs today but of tomorrow. This 800 acre nursery of which a large portion is cultivated for tree planting has something like 46 million plants in stock for use for afforestation. Meanwhile at Calvin some 10 miles away where sand has encroached on the land, the Forestry Commission is working to re-claim the lost ground and is rapidly transforming the scheme into young woodland. Forest workers are energetically employed in thatching the sand, this being necessary to bind or fix it, and it is being contained by laying a cover of brushwood over the surface of the sand. As it gradually decays it adds humas to the soil in which young Corsican Pine trees will feed. The District Officer and Head Forester are seen here discussing further plans for the completion of the reclamation scheme now well in hand. When the sand is firmly fixed the small trees are planted at distances of 5 feet apart. As the trees are only 2 or 3 years old at planting it is difficult to notice them among the protecting brushwood. The greatest danger of all is fire so as you might expect every precaution is taken to safeguard this future forest of pine.
Local distribution only
For Scotland only instead of item 3.
Scotland; Elgin; Cullen
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Alec Tozer
Leslie Mitchell
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