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Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Texas Disaster


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British Movietone News


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24 Apr 1947
Date submitted
25 Apr 1947
Date submitted
21 Apr 1947
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  4. 4Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Texas Disaster
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4 / 6
Section Title
Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Texas City Disaster (Oil Explosion). DESCRIPTION: A catastrophe overwhelmed Texas City when a French Liberty Ship with a cargo of ammonium nitrate blew up in the harbour. A big chemical works nearby also exploded and oil storage tanks also caught fire. SHOTLIST: KS CU smoke rising into sky. Aerial shots of fire raging, storage tanks, chemical works etc. Ground shot and pan raging fires. People run along roads, also cars along roads out of camera. Searching among debris for injured. Stretcher cases being brought out placed on ground. Ground shots of fire raging. Storage tanks blazing furiously. Aerial shot of blaze and smoke rising into sky. FRENCH SHIP BLOWS UP IN PORT . CAUSES GREAT DESTRUCTION . 900 CASUALTIES . FIRES RAGED FOR DAYS.
Ships and boats; Fires; Accidents and disasters
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Lionel James Gamlin
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