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Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Caughoo Wins the Grand National


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British Movietone News


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31 Mar 1947
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29 Mar 1947
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  1. 1Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Caughoo Wins the Grand National


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Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Caughoo Wins Grand National. DESCRIPTION: This year, weather has played havoc with the jumping season, but improved conditions made the Grand National possible . MOVIETONE once again brings to your screen all the thrills of the world’s greatest ‘Chase. SHOTLIST: KS LIBRARY - Slow motion - Horses jumping Valentine’s. Crowds walk about muddy course, various angle shots, elevated shot of grandstand. Shot of jockey and number board. Various shots of women’s fashions, several in fur coats. CU types. Cut-ins & CUs of bookies. Horses parade in paddock, jockeys mount. Led out of paddock. Elevated shot of horses parade along course. CU Prince Regent (No 1). CU Bricett (No 4). CU Revelry (No 9), Luan Casca (No 16). Rainy weather. MS horses prepare to line up. MS horses lined up and start of race, out of camera. Slow motion - horses take first jump led by Lough Conn. LS horses approach 3rd jump and taking same. EP falls. Over Becher’s Brook, all over except Luan Casca who falls. Panning shot of horses on flat between jumps. Horses take Canal Turn, Shanakill falls. Slow motion - SV horses taking Valentines, Prattler falls. SV semi into camera, horses take 11th jump, several falls and few refusals. Horses take 12th jump Border Bob falls. Elevated SV galloping towards water jump, and taking same. Jump 15 Lough Conn having led all the way and still leading, Lough Conn, Musical Lad, Kilnaglory, Bricett. Same order over water jump, and panning shot as horses round bend. Cut-ins of crowds watching, some with field glasses. Horses taking first jump again. 19th jump, Lough Conn over, pecks and recovers, horses approach jump, several riderless horses to the fore. Caughoo is third horse over 19th jump. SB Becher’s Brook, and out of camera, Rowland Roy falls. Into camera. Canal Turn, Bricett, Grecian Victory and Martin M fall. Over Valentines for second time, Lough Conn still leading, followed by Caughoo. Over 28th jump, Lough Conn pecks again and loses a lot of his lead, horses to fall, Silver Fame, Jack Finlay and Handy Lad. CU panning shot (No 33) Caughoo galloping on rail. Elevated shot as Caughoo comes up straight widening distance between Lough Conn. Elevated shot Caughoo galloping past post. (Incidentally at 28th jump one horse falls into ditch, also his rider). Caughoo being pulled up after race, Miss McDowell leads him in, elevated and GV shot of same. Caughoo enters unsaddling enclosure.
Horse racing
Footage sources
British Paramount
Card file number
James Humphries
Lionel James Gamlin
Martin Gray
Norman Fisher
Richard Harris
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