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Cup Final 1921 Greatest Event in Football History [Title Superimposed over Scene from the Game]


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Topical Budget


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25 Apr 1921
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  1. 1Cup Final 1921 Greatest Event in Football History [Title Superimposed over Scene from the Game]


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[1ST SUBTITLE]: "The Topical Budget presents Exclusively the pictures of the great match taken on the Stamford Bridge ground...Any other films shown are without the consent of the...FA Authorities...Topical Budget. Greatest Cup Final. Tottenham Hotspur defeat Wolverhampton Wanderers by 1 goal to nil...All roads led to Stamford Bridge." People crowding onto a train. Crowds walking down street filmed from moving vehicle. Crowds entering the stadium. People seated in stadium. Close shot of enthusiastic Spurs fans. [2ND SUBTITLE]: "When his Majesty arrived unexpectedly the vast throng sang ‘God Save The King’". Arrival of King’s car outside the stadium. Crowds cheering and waving. [3RD SUBTITLE]: "'Wolves’ Take the Field". Wolves team come out of the tunnel followed by referee and two linesmen. [4TH SUBTITLE]: "'Spurs’ Take the Field". Spurs team come out of the tunnel. [5TH SUBTITLE]: "The teams were presented while the King stood in the pelting rain". King shaking hands with Wolves players in driving rain. Captains shake hands at the centre. The toss. [6TH SUBTITLE]: "A terrific storm marred the first portion of the play". Match in progress. [7TH SUBTITLE]: "It was practically impossible for the players to keep their feet". Low level shot of three injured players on the ground. [8TH SUBTITLE]: "The Australian cricketers watch the game". Close shot of men watching the match. Pan shot of game from one side of stadium to the other from behind Wolves’ goal. Spurs attack and shot at goal saved by keeper. Two further shots at goal cleared. King and officials watching game. [9TH SUBTITLE]: "Half Time - ‘Spurs’ 0. ‘Wolves’ 0". Further shots of the game (weather now improved). [10TH SUBTITLE]: "'Wolves’ Goal in Peril!". Shot at goal saved and keeper clears the ball. Another Spurs attack. Keeper saves and is injured. Another save. Crowd in stadium. Three further saves by Wolves keeper filmed from differing angles. Action in Wolves’ half. Keeper clears ball with a punch. [11TH SUBTITLE]: "Dimmock - outside left - scored for the Spurs five minutes after the interval". Spurs attack. Jimmy Dimmock scores. [12TH SUBTITLE]: "GOAL!!". Close-up of cheering fans. Goal shown again from closer position behind goal. Cheering crowds. Attack on Spurs’ goal. Ball cleared. Ball goes off Wolves’ bar. King watching game - his walking stick falls and is picked up by the man next to him. Action in centre of pitch. Pan shot from one side of stadium to other from behind Spurs’ goal. Wolves’ goalmouth. [13TH SUBTITLE]: "'Wolves’ Constantly Hard-Pressed". A near miss followed by corner and a shot at goal cleared by a header. [14TH SUBTITLE]: "Cleared!". Ball misses goal. [15TH SUBTITLE]: "There was a tremendous rush to see the King present the Cup". Crowds rushing onto the pitch. Medium shot of Spurs players lined up to receive cup medals (shot initially obscured by policeman’s head). Captain walks down with the Cup. Jump cut to Wolves’ players receiving medals. King and officials give cheers.
Sport; Football
Bill Arch
Charles F. T. Heath
Edward Tassie
Frank W. Purnell
Frederick Ling Wilson
Frederick Oscar Bovill
John A. Parry
John Hutchins
Walter Evan Davies
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