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  1. Covent Garden Prepares for Ballet

    Date released
    7 Feb 1946
    Series name
    Pathe News
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    4 / 5
    1 film clip, 1 commentary sheet, 1 shot list

    Covent Garden gets clean-up in readiness for opening of ballet after seven years. Rehearsal for chorus of movements in "The Sleeping Princess". (Exclusive)

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  2. Artists and Designers in the Garden (1997 Video)

    Sale, Videocassette. VHS. col. 60 min., 1997 sale: £15.99 (inc. VAT +p&p)

    Garden designers from New Zealand, California and Toronto explain their gardening ideas. Shows a number of gardens including Claudia Ellis’ ‘still life’ garden, Mendocino, California; Andrew Hodge’s...

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  3. Shakespeare at Covent Garden (1999 Audio)

    Henry R. Bishop’s songs for Shakespearean productions at Covent Garden 1816-21. Philip Pickett conducts the Musicians of the Globe. Songs include ‘Lo Here the Gentle Lark’, ‘Bid Me Discourse’' and...

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  4. GLC Covent Garden redevelopment scheme (1983)


    Interviews at Covent Garden with a GLC spokesman and Covent Garden Community Association Vice-Chairman Norman Walmsley on the GLC 5 million pound scheme to redevelop the Covent Garden market site and Jubilee...

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  5. Down To Earth No.4: One of a series of Gardening programmes (1985)

    DOWN TO EARTH NO.4 [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] One of a series of gardening programmes on Radio Victory, called Down to Earth. Presented by DAVE CARSON. TRACK 1- In - Good evening and welcome ... Talking...

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  6. Three features from the National Garden Festival: farm, musicians and dragon (1986)

    aka: National Garden Festival 1986

    A series of interviews with the people responsible for organising the National Garden Festival. The programme looks at different aspects of the preparations including farming, booking musicians to play...

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  7. 1931

    14 Jan 2013, 14:02
    Post Type

    Madeleine Carroll at Yorkshire Main Pit At Doncaster (109 seconds) Gaumont Sound News Issue 115, released 19/1/1931 This item shows the actress Madeleine Carroll visiting a Yorkshire colliery...

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  8. Covent Garden reopens (1980)

    Interview; News report

    Report on the reopening of Covent Garden fruit and vegetable market in central London as a specialist restaurant and shopping centre. Includes interviews with Mark Patterson, chairman of the Greater London...

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  9. Convent Garden changes its image (1979)

    Interview; News report

    Barbara Groom reports on the planning programme for Covent Garden. Fred Collins, who has lived in Covent Garden for sixty years, says it is now moving towards trendy shops; Geoffrey Holland, head of the...

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  10. Covent Garden building project (1988)


    Margaret Shields interviews Jim Monahan of the Covent Garden Community Association after they lost their appeal court case against the granting of planning permission by Westminster Council for a massive...

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