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TRILT Preferences

This video covers the purpose of the Preferences section within the BUFVC’s TRILT database. Further information about other aspects of TRILT and the Off-Air service can be found in this collection’s accompanying videos.




As a TRILT user, it’s important you set your Preferences so the system can tell which institution you belong to, whether you’re a student, member of staff, or a nominated Off-Air Representative. You can find the link to your Preferences section on the left-hand side when logged in to TRILT, under “My BUFVC”.

Once inside, please complete your full name, along with your institutional email address.

You’ll also need to select your institution from the drop-down menu, located here… This is so when you place a request the system knows to inform your nominated Off-Air Representative.

You can also set your default searching options here, as well as the period of time you can be inactive within TRILT before it automatically logs you out.

For more information, and tips on other aspects of TRILT and the Off-Air Back-Up Recording Service, please see our companion videos and FAQ sheet.