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Off-Air Reps

This video provides nominated Off-Air Representatives with a guide on how to sanction off-air requests placed by staff and students, as well as giving a tour of the Off-Air Rep area. Further information about other aspects of TRILT and the Off-Air Services can be found in this collection’s accompanying videos.

If you are not an Off-Air Rep, please check the alternative Making A Request guide.




The Off-Air Rep Area

The Off-Air Rep area, located via the link on the left-hand side when logged in to TRILT, serves as the central hub from which nominated representatives can keep track of their annual quota, action orders by staff and students, and check the status of those orders.

It’s also where you can find your Rep Preferences section. Here you can set your email notifications, allowing you to stay informed of the status of your orders, as well as when a student or member of staff places a request.

You can also append a default message to communications sent by the Off-Air team about your order. As these communications are sent both to yourself and the requestor, this can be a useful method of sharing instructions. For instance, buy informing requestors that recordings will be stored in your library.

Finally, all Reps should complete the Address field, the information in which will be used to generate postage labels when sending out your orders. Note that you do not have to include your name.

Sanctioning Requests

The landing page of the Off-Air Rep area is the Orders section. By default it’s set to show requested items, but you can change the displayed category with the Show Requests drop-down.

When you want to action a request, click the Order ID, located on the left. You’ll now have full details of the programme requested, as well as the name and contact details of the requestor, useful in the event you need to contact them directly.

Orders are supplied as DVDs by default. However, if you think it would be more beneficial to your institution to receive an alternative format, you can set or override a previous choice here.

You can also use the notification field to provide the requestor with updates to their order. For instance, if you’ve decided to decline their request, you can provide your reasons here.

If you have any special requirements you would like the BUFVC to be aware of you can included them in the Additional Information field.

Once you’ve completed the steps required, simply choose your action from the buttons below. Note that once an order’s been sent to the Off-Air team, you’ll need to contact them directly should you wish to cancel.

For more information, and tips on other aspects of TRILT and the Off-Air Back-Up Recording Service, please see our companion videos and FAQ sheet.