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TRILT Overview

This video gives users of the our TRILT database and Off-Air Recording Service an overview of functions and processes. Further information about individual aspects can be found in this collection’s accompanying videos.




TRILT, the Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching, is the BUFVC’s broadcast database and Off-Air Recording ordering system. It aims to deliver a comprehensive listing of UK TV and radio broadcasts, including programme information and schedules.

In addition to terrestrial, cable and satellite television, all national, and many local, radio stations, it also provides data for Asian-language, Irish, Scots Gaelic and Welsh broadcasts.

Coverage dates from as early as 1995, and data for upcoming broadcasts is available at least ten days prior to transmission.

Programme Records

As well as programme descriptions and broadcast details, each TRILT record contains additional production information where available. This can include:

  • production staff and technical aspects;
  • links to external websites such as the BBC, Channel 4, or our very own BoB National service
  • and further enhancements deemed pertinent to higher and further education by the TRILT and Off-Air teams.

This information which might include:

  • improved descriptions
  • keywords
  • bibliographies
  • additional web links
  • and where to source post-transmission copies, including through the BUFVC’s Off-Air Recording backup service.

The Off-Air Back-Recording Service

Since May 1998, and on a 24-hour basis as of 2001, the BUFVC has recorded and retained London broadcasts from the primary BBC channels, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. In 2008 we added BBC Radio 4, and later, in 2009, More 4 and BBC 4Extra.

Using TRILT as it’s front-end interface, the Off-Air Service provides member institutions with the means to request post-transmission copies of programmes they deem to be educationally valuable. Programmes can be requested as DVDs, Mp4s and Mp3s, with their availability indicated by the presence of the BUFVC logo beside the record title.

The number of off-air requests available to your institution will depend on your membership level, which you can find out from your nominated Off-Air Representative, usually located in your library or learning resources centre.

For more information, and tips on other aspects of TRILT and the Off-Air Back-Up Recording Service, please see our companion videos and FAQ sheet.