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World outlook

World outlook
Interview; Speech; Discussion; News bulletin; Advertisement; Special
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26 May 1990
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Sue Ingle(?) presents World Outlook, on the latest advances and topical issues in science and the environment. Looks at global warming; phytoplankton; environmental issues in South Africa; new strain of HIV virus; Didanosine (DDI) HIV vaccine; BSE; nuclear weapons; aerospace industry; fertility; campaign to save Rainham Marshes; United Nations environmental awareness campaign; making wildlife programmes; butterflies. Includes speech by UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher; interviews with Tom Burke, Green Alliance; Professor John Houghton; Dr Daniel Lashof; Professor Ron Hester; Professor John Martin; Eddie Koch, Johannesburg Weekly Mail; Dr Simon Wain-Hobson, Pasteur Institute in Paris; Matthew Layton, schoolchild; Colin Willock, TV wildlife producer; John Still, The Butterfly House; discussion with LBC meteorologist, Philip Eden; advertisements; news bulletin (with Chris Carnegy); sports news (with John(?) Anderson); traffic news.
Margaret Thatcher; Rodney Bennett; John Anderson; Philip Eden; John Martin; Sue Ingle(?); John Houghton; Daniel Lashof; Tom Burke; Ron Hester; Richard Black; Simon Wain-Hobson; Sara(?) Jones; Matthew Layton; Colin Willock; John Still; Chris Carnegy
South Africa; UK; UN; Children (age group); Science; Climate change; Global warming; Environment; Diseases; Nature; AIDS; Vaccines; HIV; Air pollution; CJD; Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease; BSE; Bovine spongiform encephalopathy; Fauna; Flora; Carbon dioxide; IPCC; Plankton; DDI; Survival (television series); Kingdom of the Deep; Butterflies; Rainham Marshes; Habitat conservation

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