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Round the World with Movietone: Canada’s School Fire


Series Name
British Movietone News


Issue No.
Date Released
31 Jan 1938
Date submitted
25 Jan 1938
Stories in this Issue:
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Story No. within this Issue
10 / 14
Section Title
Round the World with Movietone
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Canadian School Fire. SHOTLIST: Various long shots of Sacred Heart College showing gaunt walls and debris during fire. Anxious crowds at scene of fire. Removing a victim in wicker basket. Icicles form on ruins, from water. Medium shot of college ruins. Another section of ruins covered in ice. Sacred Heart college during fire. Removing a body from the ruins. Firemen playing hose on fire. Two shots of ruins. Firemen searching ruins for bodies. Crowd shot. Every window is shattered from heat. college. Interior of college a burning inferno. Various shots of ruins. Searching for more bodies. Twisted steelwork from intense head. A statue of Christ with outstretched arms close to scene of blaze.
Buildings and structures; Weather; Accidents and disasters
Footage sources
New York
Card file number
Alan Howland
Carl Bernard
Ivan Scott
Leslie Mitchell
Length of story (in feet)
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