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Names and News: Hollywood fame


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
1 Mar 1937
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Reports: Naval Launch
  2. 2Reports: Marquis of Huntly’s Funeral
  3. 3Reports: Llewellyn’s Cape Record bid
  4. 4Reports: A plane for £165
  5. 5Reports: US Air Disaster
  6. 6Reports: Cambria’s Test Flight - new Empire Flying destined for Atlantic Run
  7. 7Reports: Iceberg battles
  8. 8Names and News: Neurath in Vienna
  9. 9Names and News: Peace signed in Michigan
  10. 10Names and News: Hollywood fame
  11. 11Names and News: Bradman - curse him
  12. 12Names and News: New York nobility
  13. 13Rugby: Description by Alan Howland
  14. 14Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Rowing - Oxford crew on the river
  15. 15Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Water Bobsleighing in Florida
  16. 16Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Diving off a bridge in Australia
  17. 17Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Ice Yachting in Wisconsin
  18. 18Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Skating - The Women’s North American Speed Skating Championships


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10 / 18
Section Title
Names and News
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Hollywood Fame. SHOTLIST: Darryl Zanuck receiving Legion of Honour from French Consul. In picture are Admiral Byrd, Will Hays and Walt Disney.
Entertainment and leisure; Aviation; Cinema; Censorship
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Leslie Mitchell
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