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The Review of the Year


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British Movietone News


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28 Dec 1936
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  1. 1The Review of the Year


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Review of the Year 1936. DESCRIPTION: Produced by: TF Scales Compiled by: SJ Wiggins. SHOTLIST: Pan down of the coffin of King George V lying in state. Shots of the funeral. Procession at Windsor. King George Chapel and superimposed shot of King. CU King George. Shots of Rudyard Kipling. CU Admiral Beatty. British navy at sea World War. CU Allenby seated with others, CU King Fuad. CU King Farouk. Interior of Foreign Office - Eden seated signing withdrawal from Egypt/Palestine - troops leaving. Lord and Lady Linlithgow riding as New Viceroy and Vicerene. Italian troops and tanks in Abyssinia. CU Marshal Badoglio. CU Mussolini. CU Mussolini and King Victor. CU Haile Selassie leaves ship, in Palestine and London. Also at the League of Nations. Split screen shots of Hitler and Mussolini. CU Hitler saluting and smiling. CU Mussolini. German troops marching in Cologne. Shots of Cologne Cathedral. German troops marching past. German sentry. Spanish civil war scenes - troops fighting in streets - Franco as head of rebel army marches down street. Moors and rebels fighting. Shots of battered Toledo Alcazar. Various shots of fighting. Spanish women with guns. Mr Eden arrives at house, speaking. CU Mr Baldwin walking in street. CU at No 10. CU Mr J Thomas walking to No 10. France - CU Mr Blum. CU Mr Roosevelt on re-election. Newspapers on armaments. Sir Thomas Inskip speaking. Air display Hendon. Launching of new Battleship and Submarine. Home fleet in Portland Harbour. Army mechanised. Palestine troops landing in England. Various shots. Television tower at Alexandra Palace. Shots of the Hindenburg in the air and men at controls. China Clipper takes off the US. Shots of "Canopus" on water. Tommy Rose leaves plane after London/Cape record. Amy Mollison with Husband after breaking the same record. Beryl Markham leaving plane after lone Atlantic flight. Jim Mollison after breaking lone Atlantic crossing. CU Scott after winning the London/Johannesburg race. Jean Batten after flying to Australia: and over the Tasman sea. Disasters - Floods in USA. Dust with train through same. Hurricane damage and forest fires. Shots of the "Herzogin Cecilie" off coast of Devon on rocks. Crystal Palace burning. Grand Nation ‘Golden Miller’ falls at first fence. Reynoldstown wins. Cambridge win the boat race. ‘Mahmoud’ the Derby. Fred Perry US singles. Olympic Games: Runners with Olympic torch. Hitler accepting bouquet from small child. Whitlock winning. England relay team win the mile. Beresford and Southwood winning the double sculls. Lovelock running and winning. Aerial shots of the "Queen Mary" during her maiden voyage. Passing New York skyline. Aerial shots over same. CU Sir Edgar Britten. Aerials of the "Queen Mary" at sea. Shots of Duke and Duchess of Kent with their small son Prince Edward. CU King Edward VIII. Panning shot of abdication notice. Proclamation of King George VI. CU still of King. REVIEW OF THE YEAR TAPE - BMN 352 TIMECODE IN: 01:58:52:00 OUT: 02:07:37:00
Royalty; Sport; Horse racing; Rowing; Students; Education and training; Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Mass media; Ships and boats; Children; Weather; Environment; Weapons; Aviation; Tennis; Railways; Aircraft; Fires; Death; Communications; Science and technology; Athletics; Navy; Accidents and disasters; Water sports; Military; Funerals; Launchings; Writers; Exhibitions and shows; Scenery and travel; Newsreels; Television
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Ivan Scott
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