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Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Bobsleigh Racing


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British Movietone News


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17 Feb 1936
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Reports: Russia - Japan
  2. 2Reports: Making an Aerodrome at Ringway, Manchester
  3. 3Reports: Skating on Thin Ice in the Fens
  4. 4Reports: Viceroy and Gaekwar
  5. 5Industry
  6. 6Personalities: Old newsreel star, Mr George Bernard Shaw, presents himself in US interview
  7. 7Farming
  8. 8Zoo News: Described by Beryl de Querton
  9. 9Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Cup Tie
  10. 10Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Olympics
  11. 11Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Bobsleigh Racing


Story No. within this Issue
11 / 11
Section Title
Sports: Reported by Alan Howland
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Bobsleigh Racing Olympics. SHOTLIST: Shots of the British Ice Hockey Team. Shot of the Bobsleigh run at Garmisch and teams down same. Good shots of the Swiss team - the winners racing round the track (4 men teams). Shots of the British team starting off and racing round. Shots of German team crashing. Shot of the Italian team crashing round bend. The last shot of this story in the Issue was cut out by Mr Wicken in 1937 and not returned. NB. There are not shots of the British Ice Hockey team playing. There is an 8ft shot of them lined up before the camera.
Sport; Winter sports; Accidents and disasters
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Alan Howland
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