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Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Kashmir Team scores 11 - 5 polo victory over army side


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British Movietone News


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24 Jun 1935
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Flashes: Famous sky ride of Chicago Fair meets its doom
  2. 2Flashes: Golden voice for automatic ‘phone replies is chosen
  3. 3Naval Affairs
  4. 4Topics of Today: America is grappling energetically with crime problems
  5. 5Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Kashmir Team scores 11 - 5 polo victory over army side
  6. 6Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Canadian girl swimmer has come to conquer the English Channel
  7. 7Sports: Reported by Alan Howland: Unbeaten French horse, Brantome, is beaten in Ascot Gold Cup, the winner is ‘Hyperist’ [sic]


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5 / 7
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Sports: Reported by Alan Howland
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Kashmir Team Beats Army Side at Polo. SHOTLIST: Shots of play. Commentary: At Aldershot, a special Ascot week polo match is played between the Aldershot Command Team, wearing peaked caps, and the Maharaja of Kashmir’s team - in topees. Captain Sanger is playing No 3 for the Kashmiri side, which also included Captain Roark, of International fame (No 2). The Maharaja’s team scores first and definitely outplays the army side after the first two chuckers. The Maharaja himself is playing back. The conditions for polo are rotten, rain falling during the game, and the ground being dead. Final score: Kashmir 11 goals Aldershot Command 5.
Royalty; Sport; Weather; Military
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Alan Howland
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