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Campbell Breaks Own Record Again at Daytona Beach


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British Movietone News


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11 Mar 1935
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1The First Descent into Gresford Pit Since Explosion
  2. 2Youth of Brisbane Insists on Winter Sport in Summer
  3. 3Boo-Boo’s Baby is Pleased to Meet Screen Audience
  4. 4Campbell Breaks Own Record Again at Daytona Beach
  5. 5Munich and Mainz Are Captured by Carnival Spirit
  6. 6First Pictures of Greek Revolution
  7. 7Rapid Progress of the "Queen Mary"
  8. 8Movietone Sports Items: Ireland v Wales Rugby match
  9. 9Movietone Sports Items: Oxford Sports
  10. 10Movietone Sports Items: Cambridge Sports


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4 / 10
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Campbell Breaks Own Record at Daytona. SHOTLIST: Shots of Daytona Beach and the "Bluebird" racing along. 1931 Record is shown and also the 1932 and 1933. Car past camera along the sands. The latest speed is 276.86 mph. CU of Sir Malcolm. NRT version: Shots of Bluebird making the record run at Daytona. Close shot of the car drawing to a standstill. CU of the ripped tyres. Close shot of Malcolm Campbell speaking. Being chaired. Close shots speaking. Sound of engines and voice of above.
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