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Roving Camera Reports: American-Born Japanese Children Dancing in California During Buddhist Celebrations


Series Name
Gaumont British News


Issue No.
Date Released
5 Dec 1935
Length of issue (in feet)
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1The "Queen Mary" Takes Oil Aboard, Her Engines Are Started and Smoke Comes from the Funnels
  2. 2Princess Victoria Dead
  3. 3Princess Victoria Dead - including
  4. 4Princess Victoria Dead - including
  5. 5Cat Show at Salie Wagran, Paris, France
  6. 6Roving Camera Reports: Sir Austen Chamberlain Made Chancellor of Reading University - M Herriot Receives Degree
  7. 7Roving Camera Reports: Duke and Duchess of York Entertained by M Lebrun in Paris
  8. 8Roving Camera Reports: Dr Gortz Committed for Trial at Margate Under the Official Secrets Act
  9. 9Roving Camera Reports: Abyssinian Troops En Route for the Front
  10. 10Roving Camera Reports: Car for Land and Water at Grunewald
  11. 11Roving Camera Reports: American-Born Japanese Children Dancing in California During Buddhist Celebrations
  12. 12Fifty-Five Million Dollars Cleared Each Day in US Federal Reserve Bank
  13. 13Alaska Gold Miners Find Mammoth’s Tusk
  14. 14England Defeat Germany in International Soccer Match at Tottenham
  15. *Duke of Kent Opens New Municipal Buildings at Dudley and Birmingham
  16. *The "Queen Mary" Takes Oil Aboard
  17. *Cat Show at Salie Wagran
  18. *Sir Austen Chamberlain at Reading

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Story No. within this Issue
11 / 14
Section Title
Roving Camera Reports
Music and dance; Religion and belief
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