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Pegasus comes to Babcock House


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Babcock Review


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Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Renfrew Runways
  2. 2Pegasus comes to Babcock House
  3. 3Behind the Headlines (Steam for Paper)
  4. 4Steam for Steel


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2 / 4
Babcock and Wilcox synopsis: Modern engineering, and particularly nuclear engineering, is increasingly complex and the requirements of design involve a mass of long and complicated calculation.
Electronics have come to the rescue with a modern wonder, the electronic computer, commonly known as the electronic brain.
Babcock & Wilcox, involved in modern engineering development on a wide front, early recognized the value of this new "tool", and installed a "Pegasus" electronic computer at Babcock House, the Company’s Head Office in London.
This tiem of the film sees the installation of "Pegasus", with its highly complex internal organs, and shows the computer in action, truly a marvel of this scientific age.
Engineering; Nuclear energy; Computers and computing
Written sources
Synopses of the Babcock Film Magazines booklet   unpaginated, Used for synopsis
Babcock and Wilcox, Ltd.
Production Co.
Technical & Scientific Films Ltd.

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