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Fed-Wide Flashes


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Rhodesian Spotlight


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  1. 1Northern Rhodesia Swimming Championships
  2. 2Fed-Wide Flashes
  3. 3When the Salmon are Running
  4. 4Spotlight On Broken Hill


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Rhodesian Spotlight synopsis: The opening of Blantyre’s new air terminal buildings, the arrival of Railway workers from Greece, the Commission for Technical Co-Operation in African South of the Sahara meet in Salisbury, and the Invitation Handicap run by the three best horses in the Federation.
Rhodesian Spotlight Commentary - Blantyre’s new air terminal buildings are completed at Chileka airport - a remarkable advance since Chileka was a one man show inly 20 odd years ago. By aircraft to attend the official opening came Sir Roy Welensky, Minister of Transport and Communications - this, of course, is a good occasion for Civil Aviation in Nyasaland. Central African Airways have made invaluable contributions to the development of the Federation and tributes were paid by both the Minister of Transport and by His Excellency, the Governor of Nyasaland, Sir Geoffrey Colby, who performed the opening ceremony.
At Bulawayo an aircraft chartered by ICEM the Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration, is met by members of the Greek community. It brings 55 immigrants from Greece, all of whom have contracted to become shunting firemen on the Railways. A further 200 Railway workers have been recruited in Greece and Italy.
The ICEM has brought more than 200 settlers to the Federation since it started operations in June. Development problems are largely population problems, there are jobs a plenty and room for many more, particularly if they are skilled.
Six countries participate in the Commission for Technical Co-operation in Africa South of the Sahara, opened by Lord Malvern. He warned against impirical solutions of Africa’s problem being imposed from outside, a suggestion that received general approval. Later the delegates inspected the Highfielder African Township. Costing from 300 to 365 pounds each, houses here can be bought for sums of less than £2 up to £2 - 7: a month, over a period of 25 years. At the Administrative building aid can be obtained for finishing touches to houses and plans provide for 2,500 houses to be completed by the middle of 1957.
Many Rhodesian racegoers have been arguing as to which is the best racehorse in the Federation. The issue was settled at Belvedere recently when Scythe, Astley and Probationer were matched over a mile on virtually even terms. Each of the 3 runners had many supporters. At the second time of asking they were away with Scythe making the running from Probationer, with Astley taking his time. That was the position for the first 3 furlongs, but when they approached the finishing stretch it was anybody’s race with all 3 on even terms. Astley was asked for his effort by Jockey England and Astley pulls away to win by 4 lengths from Scythe and Probationer. And if anything is ever settled in Racing, that settles that.
Horse racing; Buildings and structures; Railways; Aircraft; Social conditions; Transport; Scenery and travel
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