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A Real all-rounder from France


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Eve And Everybody’s Film Review


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Date Released
20 Jul 1933
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1A Real all-rounder from France
  2. 2Lightning!
  3. 3Copenhagen Camoes -: The Fish Market
  4. 4White and Shapely - but only Serviettes
  5. 5Something Different
  6. 6The Five-ton Golfer!
  7. 7The Pony Fair


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1 / 7
British Pathe synopsis: "We shall have to change our ideas of M’selle, for we have met one whose athletic attainments are, to say the least, versatile." M/S of an attractive young woman sitting on some parallel bars with her legs crossed - she wears a beret. Dissolve into M/S of the woman exercising on the parallel bars. She performs all kinds of gymnastic feats. The same woman then throws a javelin. M/S of a group of women in sportswear - shorts and jumpers - playing netball in the snow. M/S of group of women playing football in a park including our friend in the beret. "Even Rugby!" Various shots of a women’s rugby game. M/S of the girl, this time in a light coloured beret, posing beside a river - a sculling boat in the background. She holds a blade (oar). High angle shot of the girl rowing away from the shore. Extreme C/U of woman wearing a fencing mask. Dissolve into a M/S of the girl in fencing attire holding a foil. We see her perform a few thrusts and parries. M/S of woman riding a horse towards the camera. She climbs down from the horse and walks towards the camera smiling. "Mechanical mounts, too!" High angle shot of the girl sitting astride a motorcycle. Moving shot of her riding her bike along the Champs Elysees. C/U of same girl driving a car - moving shot from the vehicle in front. "Even flying!" M/S of man turning propeller of a small biplane. M/S of our heroine in the cockpit. Aircraft moves off away from the camera. M/S of the girl, now dressed in an elegant white dress and hat, walking in the countryside with a white fluffy dog. Dissolve into a C/U of the two. She talks to the dog and turns him towards the camera. C/U of the girl doing some sewing. M/S shows that she is darning a sock or stocking. She stops and smiles broadly at the camera.
Sport; Women; Aviation; Domestic life
Written sources
Pathe Inventory File   Tin No.265
British Pathe Database 1997   Reference No.EP265
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British Pathe Ltd.

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