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The Rival Sex


Series Name
Eve And Everybody’s Film Review


Issue No.
Date Released
26 May 1932
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1The Rival Sex
  2. 2The Racers!
  3. 3Take a Step - ! (With Miss Dorothy Bowyer)


NoS Summary - What the modern girl of 1932 is up to - rowing, football, decorating, keep fit etc.
British Pathe synopsis: "In these restless modern days, life for Eve is no longer just a dreamy drift down a summer backwater - " Inside a picture frame device we see three women enjoying a drift along a river in a punt.
"The River has more strenuous visitors." Travelling shot of a women’s rowing team travelling along a river is followed by a M/S of girls sitting on the river bank watching the race. M/S of the other team in the race. "No sport is safe from her restless feet - not even football!" Various shots of a women’s football game in progress, including some slow motion footage.
"Fearless of gears and gadgets, mechanical maids are Adam’s road rivals - " Three shots of two women riding motorbikes across hilly terrain.
"Even painting and decorating on a big scale - (many women have "had a go" at home!)" M/S of a group of women pushing a barrow through an archway. They are all dressed in white. Various shots of the girls as they climb ladders and carry paint pots.
"Unkind critics may hint that Eve started the painting business..." C/U of a woman applying lipstick. Followed by C/U of woman doing a very professional job of painting exterior of building.
"And in "P.T." and drill, Eve demonstrates today the physical progress of the "Rival Sex". High angle shot of group of schoolgirls in gymslips walking in a formation - making patterns. High angle shot of the schoolgirls crowded together as they look up at the camera.
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Pathe Inventory File   Tin No.238
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British Pathe Ltd.

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