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Eve And Everybody’s Film Review


Issue No.
Date Released
5 Dec 1929
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1The Birds’ Boarding House
  2. 2(Untitled record)
  3. 3The Dancers of the Ring
  4. 4Natural Paintings
  5. 5Brevities
  6. 6Shake!


Story No. within this Issue
5 / 6
NoS Summary - the latest in "undies".
British Pathe synopsis: Introductory intertitle reads: "And a very good word, too, for some of the latest styles of "undies." L/S of a woman in a kimono style dressing gown sitting in a bedroom setting in front of an elaborate screen. She is sewing - putting the final stitches in some cami-knickers. She holds them up in front of herself, admiring her handiwork. She turns them backwards and forwards then stands up and holds them against her body. She turns her back to the camera and puts them on. She then turns around to show them off. She tucks her camisole into the knickers and holds her dressing gown out as she turns around. She takes off her gown and picks up another pair of knickers. "Following the petal fashion." reads the intertitle. She holds the knickers against her body, the legs are cut in a petal shape. C/U of her legs as she takes the first pair of knickers down and steps out of them. She then takes off her camisole by shimmying it down to the ground and kicks it out of the way. She then steps into the petal knickers. Another piece of underwear is kind of shown to the audience by lowering it to knee level before putting it on. (We only see from the upper thigh down throughout this striptease. "This is the kind of dance wear some modern Eves might like to use." reads the intertitle, then we see our model in her new undies doing a little dance and then holding the sides of her knickers out to show them off. She points out her toes. "Other new "intimates" made for comfort." are shown - M/S of the screen. Our model kicks her leg out from behind the screen then emerges in a camisole and baggy knickers. C/U of her upper body and head as she turns to show off her outfit. She walks off and picks up a magazine. She then walks towards a shiny round cushion placed on the floor and slowly kneels down on it. She then sits down and looks at her magazine. C/U of her from a high angle looking very seductively into the camera. She smiles then looks down again and flicks through her magazine.
Fashion and costume
Written sources
Kinematograph Weekly   5 December 1929, p45.
The Bioscope   4 December 1929, p45.
Pathe Inventory File   Tin No.114
British Pathe Database 1997   Reference No.EP144 Used for synopsis
National Film Archive Catalogue
Production Co.
British Pathe Ltd.

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