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Moments from "Merry Merry"


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Eve And Everybody’s Film Review


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28 Mar 1929
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  1. 1Bedlingtons
  2. 2Weird Art
  3. 3Sun Worshippers
  4. 4Modern Modes (in Pathecolor)
  5. 5Children of the Pampas
  6. 6Moments from "Merry Merry"


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6 / 6
NoS Summary - Peggy O’Neil, A.W. Baskcomb and W.H. Berry at the Carlton Theatre.
British Pathe synopsis: Extracts from the new musical comedy from the Carlton Theatre in London called "Merry Merry." Peggy O’Neil plays the famous "star" Sadie La Salle and A. W. Baskcomb plays Henry Penwell. C/U of the two actors in a taxi. Henry puts a silly hat on his head and Sadie laughs. Henry starts making a pass at Sadie, kissing her hand and trying to cuddle her. She doesn’t look very happy. They speak into what is presumably an in-taxi communication system: "Drive 20 miles off the map - slowly - " Henry then starts grabbing her in earnest. She turns away as if pretending to be coy. She then stops moving and Henry pulls a face. "That began the trouble for Peggy developed a broken rib from her admirer’s big squeeze, and had to see a Doctor, (for Journalistic effect)." Sadie wears an elaborate sequinned night gown with two nurses dressed in white. W. H. Berry plays the doctor. He looks over the top of screen and sees Sadie having her medicine. Sadie puts on a fur trimmed dressing gown. The doctor puts on a very large fake beard, top hat and gloves. Sadie pretends to be at death’s door and the nurses make a great fuss of the doctor. The doctor takes her temperature and listens to her chest with a stethoscope. She laughs as he tickles her with it. A character called Penwell has his doubts about the doctor. They have an argument. The chorus girls do a high kick routine wearing long frilly frocks. We see this in L/S and also from the orchestra pit - getting a good view of their legs. Various shots of the routine. The girls end the routine by bending over and holding on to the girl in front around the waist then scuttling off stage in a long line.
Performing arts
London; England
Footage sources
Written sources
Kinematograph Weekly   4 April 1929 p43.
Pathe Inventory File   Tin No.108
British Pathe Database 1997   Reference No.EP108 Used for synopsis
D. Gifford ‘Entertainers in British Films’ (Westport, 1998)   p16.
National Film Archive Catalogue
Production Co.
British Pathe Ltd.
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