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Stars at Home -: Miss Sydney Fairbrother ("The Young Person in Pink")


Series Name
Eve And Everybody’s Film Review


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Date Released
5 Sep 1923
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Stars at Home -: Miss Sydney Fairbrother ("The Young Person in Pink")
  2. 2Eve at Ostend


Section Title
Stars at Home -
NoS Summary - Sydney Fairbrother at her home and in her garden with pets.
British Pathe synopsis: "Few Stage Stars of today have endeared themselves to British audiences so much as Miss Fairbrother." L/S of a large house with Sydney Fairbrother and a friend walking towards the camera. The friend wears riding gear. Sydney is in a dress and apron with her hair in a bun. They throw food to a group of dogs. M/S of the two women feeding goats by hand. "Country life for me" said our friend, "where your breakfast eggs are eggs and not Chinese conundrums." M/S of a hen house with lots of chickens walking around outside it. The two women take eggs out of the nesting box. C/U of the two examining the eggs. L/S of Sydney and another woman feeding the hens. "Tempt me not, Sydney", said the fair brother of the fifth hen on the left." The two women continue feeding the chickens. M/S of the two women at work. The younger woman is sawing some wood, Sydney is banging nails into the chicken coop. C/U of Sydney banging in nails. She pretends to have hit her thumb. She sucks it. The third woman brings the other two a drink. "But, Miss Fairbrother has other pets besides dogs and goats and hens in this home at Chorley Wood (sic) - " Chorleywood. C/U of Sydney holding a white fluffy rabbit. C/U of Sydney sitting in a chair with three cats on her lap. She holds them up to the camera and laughs.
Researcher Comments
British Pathe - "The Young Person in Pink was a 1920 play . Apparently King George laughed so much when he went to see it, the head of the diamond "push-in" stud in his stiff shirtfront sprang out and fell on the floor!
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Pathe Inventory File   Tin No.282
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