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Elephant Translocation


Series Name
British Movietone News


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Date Released
13 Feb 1977
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1The New Conference Centre
  2. 2The Isotope Tomoscanner
  3. 3Elephant Translocation


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3 / 3
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Elephant Translocation. DESCRIPTION: To maintain the balance in elephant herds in South Africa, selected animals are being transferred from the Kruger National Park to the Game Reserve at Landolozi. The elephants are caught by using a tranquilised dart, revived with an antidote and then transported to their destination. SHOTLIST: LS helicopter flying out to look for elephant. LS elephants from helicopter. LS helicopter over elephants. TV ditto. Whip pan. MS ranger preparing dart. MCU ditto. MCU dart being loaded into gun. MS ‘copter in air, gunshot at 448’. MLS baby elephant lying on ground. LS elephants from ‘copter. MLS ‘copter hovering over elephants, gunshot at 484’. Pan with elephants, small elephant eventually collapses. MLS ‘copter after herd. MV young elephant, retrieve vehicles moving in. Various shots - rangers with elephant, one flaps ears to keep elephant cool. Shots ranger gives antidote to bring elephant round. Elephant waking up and being pushed into crate for transport to Landolozi Reserve. Arrive at reserve and elephant being let out into compound to adjust to its new surroundings.
South Africa; Kruger Park; Londolozi
Footage sources
South Africa
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Leonard Martin
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