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The New Covent Garden Market


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British Movietone News


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6 Jul 1975
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  1. 1The New Covent Garden Market


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Covent Garden. DESCRIPTION: After years of congestion and clutter in the heart of London - Covent Garden Market has moved to a spacious new site at Nine Elms. The new market has regulated temperatures and air conditioning which are essential for fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables. On 26th June, Her Majesty the Queen officially opened the new Market which has been efficiently operating for some months. SHOTLIST: Old Covent Garden - SV lady walking up to greengrocers shop and looks at display outside, she is greeted by greengrocer. CU fruit. CU lady & greengrocer talking. SV fruit. SV pan fruit in boxes (Old Covent Garden). GV Old Covent Garden. CU "Covent Garden" street sign. SV fruit & vegetables on display pan to men in street. BV man pulling loaded barrow. CU street light pan to inscription on wall stone. CU ditto "near this spot Punch’s Puppet Show was first performed in England witnessed by Samuel Pepys 1662". GV men at work in the market. CU bananas in box. CU apples. SV buyers at stall. SV pan man pulling loaded barrow. CU flowers on display. SV buyer at stall. CU flowers in boxes. SV pan man manoeuvring barrow round stalls. LV man pulling barrow through congested streets zoom back. SV lorry trying to get through congestion. FV men pulling barrows through streets. SV pan lady with flowers walking through street. SV man with barrow manoeuvring round parked cars. CU ‘Mart Street’. SV pan down to men with barrows at standstill behind lorry. BV men with barrows walking round lorry. SV man loading lorry. Aerial shot of congested street. Aerial shot Old Covent Garden pan zoom back to Thames. TV barge on Thames. GV zoom into new Nine Elms Flower Market. Montage of builders at work at Nine Elms New Covent Garden. CU Dutch girl in national costume. SV girl hands rope of veil to Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, he unveils the plaque. CU plaque ‘A Row of Nine Elms Trees, A Gift From Holland’. CU Prince. SV one of the elm trees. SV multi-storey car park pan under construction. SV ditto pan along cat walk joining market in car park. GV interior of market under construction. SV workers walking up spiral staircase. SV worker emerging onto top floor. GV office block under construction. SV worker zoom back standing on roof of flower market. GV pan to roof interior of flower market under construction. CU pipes under construction (heating system). CU pan heating system. GV flower market. FV Queen & VIPs walking in the market. CU flowers on display. 4 SVs Queen looking at flowers pan to flowers. Queen walking with VIPs, flowers on display, Queen walks up to and unveils plaque. CU plaque ‘New Covent Garden was Opened by Her Majesty The Queen on 28th June 1975’. TV Queen & VIPs walking round market. CU pineapples. FV Queen & VIPs. SV pan fruit on display. CU Queen with VIPs. GV buyers in fruit market. SV pan veg on display. SV buyers looking at product. GV stacked boxes in storehouse, LV fork lift truck lifting boxes from shelf. CU hand operated hydraulic lifting gear for lifting boxes and moving them, being placed under boxes. SV man jacking up boxes. SV boxes being pulled out and away. GV car park for lorries so they car be unloaded easily. FV electric trolley being driven toward camera. SV forklift truck stacking sacks. SV pan electric trolley pulling cart loaded up with fruit. SV pan man pulling loaded barrow. SV men driving loaded electric trolley. SV forklift truck loading lorry. FV men loading lorry. SV pan loaded lorry leaving. GV interior men drinking in pub "Bunch of Grapes". SV men up at bar being served. SV men drinking, they shake hands. SV men drinking at table. GV interior of flower market. FV flowers on display pan. SV buyers walking in market. SV buyer talking to seller. CU pan flowers. SV lady buyer looking. CU pan flower display. SV buyer being shown bunch of flowers. GV interior of market. SV man pulling loaded barrow. FV man pulling barrow out to lorries. GV lorries outside market. Stock Shots - Various good elevated views of the old Covent Garden, men working. Elevated views across River Thames to the new site. (114ft).
Royalty; Buildings and structures; Entertainment and leisure; Vehicles; Food and cooking; Shops and shopping; Business and commerce; Horticulture; Ceremonies; Road transport; Engineering
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Godfrey Kenneth Hanshaw
Leonard Martin
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