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Sports Review of the Year


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British Movietone News


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6 Jan 1975
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  1. 1Sports Review of the Year


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Sports Review of the Year. DESCRIPTION: Movietone takes a look at the Sporting Highlights of 1974, including football, cricket and tennis. Also shown are the up and coming sports of grass skiing and hang gliding. SHOTLIST: BV man just starting off down ski jump. FV man leaving ski jump pan as he goes through the air, he lands - GR 2328A. SV SM 2 skiers somersault off a bank and land - GR 2335. SV pan man doing downhill slalom, he hits a flag and falls. SV pan downhill skier, he falls. LV fallen skier bouncing through snow. LV skier going over hill, he falls & bounces downhill - GR 2359A. SV downhill grass skiers, he falls. LV another who falls. LV man hopping on grass having lost one ski, he falls over. GV 1st test match in progress England v India. SV batsman. SV pan bowler (Indian), he bowls. SV batsman hitting ball - GR 2349A. SV Jim Connors serving in Wimbledon Mens Tennis Finals to Ken Rosewall. SV Ken Rosewall. GV game in progress, Jim throws up his arms & jumps net, zoom in. LV zoom to Olga Morozova as she serves. GV game in progress, Chris Evert runs toward Olga who has lost, they shake hands. SV Chris being presented with plate by Duke of Kent at 180’ she holds it above her head. SV Nina Dronova on beam in International Gymnastics. SV pan men running in race. LV Brendan Foster coming in to win, he breaks the tape. CU Foster - GR 2363A. LV bunch of horses running in Epsom Derby. SV SM 2 jockeys on horses racing. GV end of race winner crosses line, Snow Knight 50 to 1 - GR 2349. FV as horses jump in Grand National (about 4 fallers). TS Red Rum, jumps & nearly falls on landing. CU jockey on horse Red Rum. LV horses coming up to finish, cheering men in f/g - GR 2339A. LV pan Dublin Horse Show horse jumper jumping fence. GV jumper jumping fence & again. SV same jumper jumping fence. SV pan British winning team on horses. LV show jumper jumping, pan with World Champion Hartwig Steenken - GR 2356. CU Hartwig on horse. SV pan man on horse approaching water jump in Burghley Horse Trials, his horse hits fence & both horse & rider fall in with a splash. LV horse & rider approaching water jump in Badminton Horse Trials, rider falls in water. SV pan as rider jumps fence and falls off at fence. LV Mark Phillips jumps fence, through water jump out and away - GR 2344. FV Mark with his horse & trophy. FV rider on the road in the end of the Milk Race. CU feet pedalling. CU bikes past. LV winner after finishing line. CU winner sign pan up to Roy Schuiten. LV start of speedway finals race, a rider falls over on bend. SV bikes skidding round track. LV pan Peter Collins going into win - GR 2362. SV cars racing down track at Brands Hatch in British Grand Prix. SV pan car on track No 12. SV pan ditto car No 3. SV car being pushed on track by pitmen, it roars off knocking a man over. SV pan car No 12 Niki Lauda driving into pits with burst tyre - GR 2355A. LV as Jody Scheckter crosses line to win in a Tyrrel Ford. SV Jody in winner’s area spraying champagne at everyone - GR 2355A. FV cars on track in the Rally Cross final, a car spins off. SV car 32 spins off. SV car skidding round on track. SV cars on track. SV winner taking chequered flag. FV winner Franz Wurz holding cup GR 2370. SV pan car skidding round course in African Safari Rally No 51, road ahead through windscreen, screen is blotted out with mud, wipers clear it. FV car bounces across road at speed. FV car bounces across road at speed, road ahead through screen, it is blotted out. FV car on road, winners Edgar Herrman and Hans Schuler. SV boat 189 speeding through water in offshore power boat race. SV another boat, SV boat 43. LV pan winner’s boat Dry Martini driven by Carlo Bonomi - GR 2361. GV end of Round the World Yacht Race. SV Great Britain II, sailed by Chay Blyth and crew, was first home but Mexican yacht Sayula II is first on handicap. LV GB II. FV GB II coming into port - GR 2342. TV Oxford team in boat race, pan back to Cambridge team losing - GR 2340A. LV zoom in Oxford win - GR 2340A. SV canoes shooting rapids in Liffey Descent at 607’ a two man canoe sinks - GR 2363. BV man in wet suit running off bank, into water, being pulled by speed boat, he lands on his backside & is pulled along. LV man barefoot skiing, he falls but doesn’t let go & bounces about on water - GR 2350A. GV Rugby League Cup Final in progress Warrington v Featherstone Rovers. SV pile of rugby players milling about. SV man on floor with ball Warrington player (white). SV referee. SV Warrington player kicks ball ahead & runs for it (big fat guy). TV big of a fight going on round ball. SCU screaming supporter. LV Warrington man scores a last try - GR 2345A. CU Warrington player with arms raised. SV League cup. SV League Cup Final in progress Manchester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers. GV ditto Richards scores for Wolves. SV Wolves with cup - GR 2336. SV pan a dog running on the pitch of the Scottish Cup Final Celtic v Dundee. LV Celtic round Dundee goalmouth, a goal is scored by Celtic. FV Celtic team (outside stadium about to leave) holding cup - GR 2345. GV play in progress in Cup Final Liverpool v Newcastle United. SV pan Liverpool player. GV play in progress. BV No 7 for Liverpool scores. SV Liverpool players hugging each other. LV Keegan scores, Liverpool 2 Newcastle 0. SV Liverpool player. LV Liverpool players round Newcastle net, a goal is scored. TV Liverpool running round pitch with cup. SCU cup being held above players’ heads. CU burner under balloon at Balloon Meeting. GV balloons being filled with hot air. BV balloon rising in the air. AS from balloon on ground. BV parachutist jumping from plane. SV 5 parachutists holding onto each other. End to End as they fall. LV pan man in hang glider gliding through air, he lands with a bump in grass. LV man hang gliding, he lands in grass on his stomach. SV hang glider in snow, he lands and sinks in snow. SV hang glider, he lands & sinks in snow. LV hang glider lands in snow. REVIEW OF THE YEAR TAPE - BMN 348 TIMECODE IN: 02:04:44:00 OUT: 02:14:05:17
Royalty; Sport; Horse racing; Rowing; Students; Education and training; Ships and boats; Entertainment and leisure; Motor racing; Environment; Aviation; Competitions; Motorcycling; Horses; Stunts; Athletics; Ceremonies; Winter sports; Sailing; Cycling; Speed records; Football; Accidents and disasters; Water sports; Animals; Youth
St Moritz; Switzerland
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Leonard Martin
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