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Review of the Year


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British Movietone News


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2 Jan 1975
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  1. 1Review of the Year


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Review of the Year - 1974. DESCRIPTION: As we enter the last twenty five years of the 20th Century - Movietone reviews the last twelve months in retrospect. SHOTLIST: GV balloons falling from ceiling at Chelsea [sic] Arts Ball - GR 2327A. GV light going out in shop (3 day week). SV man lighting gas lamp. GV shop lit by lamps. Tower being blown down - GR 2330A cooling tower dome. GV Houses of Parliament - GR 2355A election. CU BV woman voting. SCU vote being posted in ballot box. SV Thorpe & wife. SCU Heath waving. SV pan Wilson walking. LV Denis Healey outside No 11 holding budget box - GR 2399 Budget Day. AS BP oil rig being taken to sea - GR 2359A. GV rig being sunk. GV cranes round rig. AS sunken ship in Suez Canal - GR 2363A & 2346A. GV explosion of mine in canal. GV canal. LV royal boat on Thames - GR 2368A. SV boat about to land. SV royal boatmen in line on bank pan. SV Queen disembarking. SV Queen walking onto Magna Carta Island. LV pan Duke walking in London Zoo - GR 2369-64. SV panda. SV Duke being presented with picture from Chinese Representative. SV Duke. SV pandas playing in cage. GV flag flying (Royal Standard) on Tower - GR 2350A Duke of Gloucester funeral. LV soldier leading late Duke’s horse. LV pan coffin on gun carriage. SV clergy outside church - GR 2373A Childers funeral. LV coffin being placed on gun carriage. LV de Valera leaving church. LV gun carriage moving off. SV Pompidou on balcony of house with woman. LV (GR 2346A New French President) D’Estaing zoom in. LV GR 2346A cheering crowd. CU President D’Estaing. LV Nixon shaking hands with Russian crowd. LV pan President Ford walking and shakes hands with Kissinger at 332’. GV riot in Cyprus GR 2364A coup d’état. GV burning buildings. SV Makarios outside No 10 - GR 2355. SV pan English families disembarking plane - GR 2359. SV pan boy in blanket walking on tarmac. BV woman carrying baby. GV Tower of London - GR 2355 bomb blast. GV damaged armour being taken from Tower. GV interior blast damage. GV sign ‘Bull Ring Centre’ Birmingham bomb blast. CU sign Tavern in the Town. GV exterior damage. GV interior ditto roof. SV crater of bomb. SV victims in hospital beds. SV victim with head bandaged. SV plane coming into land - GR 2352A London Airport Security. SV army & police vehicle pan to plane. SV soldiers by vehicle. SV pan moving into layby to be checked. SV soldiers on guard. SV gun in hands of soldier. SV police & army men checking boot of car. GV pan forest damaged by plane crash - GR 2336 DC10 Turkish plane crash. CU wreckage. GV raging fire at Flixborough Chemical Works - GR 2348A at night. GV damage at daytime pan. SV coach at entrance of Bristol Airport - GR 2362A holiday time Courtline collapse. LV Courtline plane on tarmac. SV holiday makers walking and boarding plane. Aerial shot through porthole. GV sea shore in the sun. SV nurse taking pulse of patient - GR 2346 (pay crisis). SV nurse adjusting pillow of patient. SV nurse taking pulse. GV vote counters in counting room - GR 2367A General Election. LV Thorpe on balcony. SCU Wilson waving. SV Heath. SV pan Heath on Morning Cloud in rough weather. SV trees in the wind - GR 2333 gales and floods. LV waves splashing over concrete jetty. GV waves. GV waves crashing on harbour wall. GV flood water high under bridge. GV flood water in fields. CU headline ‘Brisbane & City of Island Suburbs’ - GR 2331A floods in Brisbane, Australia. SV flood water in city streets. SV pan man pulling his possessions on raft through flooded street. SV pan man helping push car through water. TV calf floundering in water - GR 2341A Cattle Rescue. LV man in water grabbing calf and swimming back with it and putting in on raft. GV cattle in flood water. LV harvesters at work in field - GR 2360 Harvest Time. SV pan GR 2371A Sugar Crisis, mounds of sugar at factory. CU man smoking cigar looking. LV 2 women streakers running along field - GR 2354 woman football. CU man watching astounded. SV half naked girl - GR 2334A Pop Festival. SV bare chested man. GV people at festival. SV 2 people enjoying music. CU musicians on stage (drummer). SV 2 girls dancing. SV crowd behind fence. SV pan girl running. SV people swimming in lake. SV man swimming on vine over lake, he drops in. SV people in water. REVIEW OF THE YEAR TAPE - BMN 348 IN: 01:56:07:00 OUT: 02:04:39:19
Royalty; Sport; Organisations; Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Ships and boats; Music and dance; Entertainment and leisure; Health and medicine; Weather; Environment; Weapons; Economics; Aviation; Agriculture; Shops and shopping; Business and commerce; Fires; Death; Celebrations and festivals; Stunts; Explosions; Ceremonies; Terrorism; Labour relations; Football; Riots; Evacuees; Navy; Review of the Year; Accidents and disasters; Animals; Exile; Engineering; Military; Funerals; Religion and belief
North Sea
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Leonard Martin
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