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Natural History Sale


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
21 Nov 1974
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1President Childers - A Tribute
  2. 2Remembrance Service
  3. 3Careers Exhibition
  4. 4Autumn Floods
  5. 5Natural History Sale


Story No. within this Issue
5 / 5
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Natural History Auction. DESCRIPTION: An Auction of Natural History Specimens at the Finsbury Town Hall takes you on safari without firing a shot. SHOTLIST: CU tiger having auction label stuck on its nose. SV girl labeling tiger & lioness. CU man eating tiger head. SV man carrying & placing ivory tusk by man eating tiger. CU head of man eater pan down to bangle round paw. SV pan man carrying peacock to table. SV man places peacock on table. SV pan woman carries pelican (lot 7) and places it on table. GV interior exhibition. SV man picks up stuffed bird to look at. CU passenger pigeon (lot 404) now extinct C yellow hammer bird (lot 32). Elk head - largest head CU pan elk head. CU plaque on shield of elk head ‘Cannon Creek’ Big Horn Mountains Wyoming. GV exhibition. CU fox in glass case. SV man looking in case. SV woman picks up otter to look at. CU otter. SV photographer taking picture of girl amongst tigers & lions in a bikini. CU girl in bikini. CU fox’s head. CU cheetah head. CU fox with bird in its mouth. CU grizzly bear (head of it) pan down to hairy man looking at it. CU head of stuffed animal.
Business and commerce; Birds; Animals; Exhibitions and shows
London; Finsbury Town Hall
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Leslie Mitchell
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