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Operation Sea Lion


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
11 Nov 1974
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Prince Charles at Surf Carnival
  2. 2Canoe Race
  3. 3Ship Building with Matches
  4. 4Artificial Reefs
  5. 5Lighthouse Supply Service
  6. 6Operation Sea Lion
  7. 7News in Colour: Aquarium Show


Story No. within this Issue
6 / 7
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Operation Sea Lion. DESCRIPTION: At the Undersea Research Centre, San Diego, sea-lions join the missile recovery unit, of the American Navy. SHOTLIST: SV seal underwater. GV NUC San Diego where the seals are trained. SV seals sliding down ramp into water. SV seals swimming in water. SCU seal underwater. SV seal walking out with trainer. CU seal opening mouth. SV man examining teeth of seal. SV seal on deck of ship. SCU harness being put on sea lion. SV rocket being fired from ship. LV small dinghy on sea with sea lion. CU missile stuck in sea bed. SV sea lion on dinghy. SV sea lion jumping into water. SV underwater sea lion swimming. SV cable & clamp being placed on sea lion’s nose with cone. SV underwater sea lion searching for missile. SV ditto missile comes in sight. SV sea lion places clamp on missile. SV sea lion swimming off. SV sea lion at surface by dinghy. SV missile being pulled up through water. SCU man working winch on ship. SCU missile being pulled out of water. SV sea lions having a good feed.
Education and training; Weapons; Science and technology; Navy; Animals; Military
United States of America; San Diego
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Leslie Mitchell
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