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News in Colour: General Election


Series Name
British Movietone News


Issue No.
Date Released
17 Oct 1974
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Pope Addresses Synod
  2. 2The Sinking City
  3. 3Young Gorillas
  4. 4News in Colour: General Election


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4 / 4
Section Title
News in Colour
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: General Election Colour. DESCRIPTION: Mr Wilson wins the crisis election, the second this year. Now with the Labour Party having a clear majority of three, the inflation situation must be tackled with a firm policy. SHOTLIST: GV Huyton, zoom into name Wilson’s HQ. LV people into polling station. CU sign ‘Polling Station’. SV pan family into polling station. GV at night, Huyton officials carrying in ballot boxes. SV Mr Wilson into HQ. SV people applauding. SV Wilson onto platform & waves. SV pan Mr Heath walking with officials after voting at Bexley (Conservative). CU name ‘Bexley’. GV Heath’s HQ at Bexley. SCU Heath walks past camera in street smiling. GV Barnstaple Thorpe’s HQ (Liberal). CU sign ‘Polling Station’ pan to Thorpe & wife on steps wave. GV pan crowds in Trafalgar Square at night waiting for results. LV massed crowds. SV man holding large teddy bear mascot. SV interior official tips out voting papers onto table at Huyton. GV counting votes, ballot papers Huyton. SV Mr Wilson watches. SV ballot papers being counted. SV ballot box being emptied onto table at Bexley. GV ballot papers being counted. SV Mr Heath arriving inside to watch. TOP papers being counted. GTV pan ballot papers being counted at Barnstaple Thorpe’s HQ. SV exterior Mr Thorpe on balcony waving (night) to crowds. SV interior Mr Heath on platform listening to the returning officer. SCU Mr Heath shakes hands with returning officer & walks to mike. SV result board. LV Heath walks to talk to officials. CU Heath talking to officials. GV crowds at night in Trafalgar Square. SV men on fountain in Square. SV excited crowds & picture of Wilson on TV screen after winning. SV Mr Wilson at Huyton shaking hands with officials on platform. SV people applaud. SV Wilson smiling walks through ? & walks over to shake hands with a ballot counter. SV people applaud. SCU Wilson smiles & waves. SV No 10 Downing Street. GV Houses of Parliament.
Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Mass media
United Kingdom
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Leonard Martin
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