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All Colour Reel: The 1974 Derby


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British Movietone News


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10 Jun 1974
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  1. 1All Colour Reel: The 1974 Derby


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All Colour Reel
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: The Derby Colour. DESCRIPTION: Conditions were perfect for the running of the 195th Derby. The race was watched by the Queen, with other members of the Royal Family. A record crowd saw 50 to 1 outsider Snow Knight surprise the punters by winning from Imperial Prince, with Giacometti - who was second favourite coming in third. SHOTLIST: GV helicopter hovering above copter park, Epsom grandstands in b/g. SV copter touching down zoom out to copters in park, grandstands and crowd in b/g. SV passengers walk away from copter, GV mass crowd, SV fashionable women. SV 2 policemen on duty in paddock for security, zoom out to crowd around. SV policeman standing in front of crowd. SV zoom in policeman in paddock zoom out Queen with Lord Derby entering paddock, SV Queen Mother with VIPs and behind Princess Alexandra & husband. GV crowd on Downs. CU balloons. GV fun-fair and roundabout. GV big wheel. SV roundabout. SV merry go round (carousel). GV horses parade in paddock. SV pan No 4 Nonoalco. SV Queen & Queen Mother studying race card. SV pan No 8 Grand Orient. GV horses parading in paddock. SV Sir Gordon Richards & others in paddock. 6 SVs pan No 17 Regular Guy, No 15 & No 3, No 19 Snow Knight (winner), Princess Alexandra & others. SV No 1. Giacometti. SV Duke of Edinburgh. GV jockeys entering paddock. SV Hutchinson up on Grey Thunder. SV Carson up on Court Dancer. SV Yves Saint-Martin up on Nonoalco. SV Tony Murray on Giacometti. CU pan Lester Piggott up on Arthurian. SV zoom back to GV horses leaving paddock. GV crowds round bookies etc. No 7 parading up course. SV No 11 ditto. SV P Alexandra & husband watching. SV No 13 (from Ireland) pan to No 14. TV Brian Taylor (No 19 Snow Knight) plays up and kicking without jockey, Brian Taylor, zoom in to Brian remounting. Queen & Mother. SV horses milling round by start, stalls No 19 is led past minus jockey. SV horses milling around. SV Brian Taylor walking around whilst Snow Knight is led past followed by other horses. SV No 10 Hope of Holland led into starting stall. SV No 18 being led in, No 12 ditto. CU jockey Murray up on Giacometti in starting stall. LV starter getting up on rostrum. GV starting stalls open pan to BV horse racing. GV as they race toward camera with grey Thunder, Snow Knight and Imperial Prince, Giacometti in lead. GV they race up hill. SV pan slow motion with No 19 Snow Knight & Grey Thunder (on inside) slightly in lead pan to BV. CU slow motion horses legs. GV they race toward Tattenham Corner. LV zoom in & pan horses round Tattenham Corner with Snow Knight in lead followed by Imperial Prince & Giacometti. GV they race down straight in that order, head on shot ditto. GV pan racing toward finishing post Snow Knight passes post, No 11 second, No 1 Giacometti third, No 3 Bustino fourth. SV Queen looking through glasses. CU pan jockey Brian Taylor riding toward unsaddling enclosure. GV Snow Knight enters the winners enclosure, Taylor dismounts. SV Royal Party in box applauding. SV VIPs around Snow Knight, GTV owner Mrs Phillips & others around horse. SV Mrs Phillips holding famous Derby Trophy. CU trophy in case pan to Mrs Phillips. Pull CU Mrs Phillips. STOCK SHOTS - DERBY (E/Colour Neg) Pull away shot from stands to crowded Downs. Helicopter coming in, hovering. CU Queen Mother talking in paddock.
Royalty; Sport; Horse racing; Gambling; Buildings and structures; Entertainment and leisure; Economics; Aviation; Business and commerce; Ceremonies; Police; Newsreels
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Leonard Martin
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