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Rugby League Cup Final


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
16 May 1974
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Barge Transporter
  2. 2De Valera Confers Degrees
  3. 3Ear-Rings for Men
  4. 4Rugby League Cup Final
  5. *News in Colour: Twa Inaugural
  6. *Trailer ‘Portrait of a Statesman’

* Story has local or special distribution


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4 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Rugby League Cup Final Warrington V Featherstone. DESCRIPTION: Warrington wins the Rugby League Challenge Cup Competition Final at Wembley against Featherstone Rovers, score 24 - 9. SHOTLIST: GV Warrington kick off right to left. SV referee running towards pan to Rover player. SV passing movement by Rovers No 7 to No 13 onto 12, who is brought down by a bunch of Warrington players, penalty awarded to Rovers. GTV Box of Rovers taking penalty kick. SV players congratulate Box, score Warr. 0 Rovers 2. SV Rovers supporters cheering. CU scrum in progress, ball is gathered by Nash and Bell, they’re brought down by Warrington players. GTV Rovers take possession & attack, Warrington charge into them. CU pan Rovers players racing up field. GV play as Warr. No 6 Murphy is brought down, penalty awarded to Warrington. SV type in crowd. CU Murphy is helped by player up from ground. SV Whitehead scoring penalty for Warr. SV pan Whitehead scoring penalty for Warr. SV pan Whitehead score. GV play Warr. attack, Rovers brings them down. CU Philbin laying on ground clutching ball. CU Referee Shepherd looking one side to other. GTV Whitehead kicking penalty goal for Warr. CU pan ref signals a goal, score Warr. 4 Rovers 2. GV play Rovers attack into Warr. defence. CU Warr. player. GV Box for Rovers kicking penalty goal. SV scoreboard 4 all. GV pan Whitehead for Warr. kicking penalty goal from halfway line, score Warr. 6 Rovers 4. SV Whitehead with cheering crowd in b/g. SV pan Rovers attacking into Warr. defence. CU Warr. supporter. GV pan Whitehead kicking penalty goal, ball just over bar. SV pan Whitehead being congratulated, Warr. 8 Rovers 4. SV Warrington supporters. SCU both teams scrambling for ball, ball is passed to heavyweight No 8 Chisnall who kicks ball forward & charges after it. CU pan Philbin with ball passed to Whittle who is brought down by Newlove. CU supporter excited. GV pan Rovers attack with Newlove charging for line, he goes over. SV Rovers fans. HALF TIME SCORE Rover 9 Warr. 8. GV Warr. attacking. CU Warr. fans. GV as pick up fumble ball on line, Ashcroft No 9 gathers ball & throws himself over line for try 2. CU excited fan, score Warr. 13 Rovers 9. GV play ball is gathered by Ashcroft who passes to Murphy who kicks a drop goal. SV excited Warr. players. SV excited Warr. fans. SV punch up by both teams. SV crowd. SV pan Bridges being helped off field. GV drop goal by Murphy No 6. LV mass crowds, score Warr. 21 Rovers 9. GV Warr. attacking No 12 Nicholas barging his way through to over line for try, players surround congratulate him. CU Ashcroft with arms up after game. CU supporter. GV Murphy receives cup from High Commissioner of Australia. GV excited crowds. SV Warr. boy mascot on shoulders of players holding cup. SV Warr. supporters. SV pan players running past holding cup. GTV players holding up cup to crowds.
Local distribution only
Shown as third item in Ireland issue only.
Sport; Politics and government; Ceremonies
Wembley Stadium
Card file number
Godfrey Kenneth Hanshaw
Leonard Martin
Ronald E. Collins
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