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News in Colour: Kursaal Demolition


Series Name
British Movietone News


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Date Released
15 Apr 1974
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1International Gymnastics
  2. 2Toy Fair
  3. 3News in Colour: Toy Fair
  4. 4News in Colour: Kursaal Demolition


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4 / 4
Section Title
News in Colour
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Kursaal Demolition Colour. DESCRIPTION: Things aint what they used to be on Southend Pier and the Kursaal Amusement Park, now under the axe and the wind of change. SHOTLIST: LV Southend Pier zoom out. SV train going down pier. SV interior people in train. LV train moving down pier. SV women asleep in deck-chairs (library material). SV elevated zoom into Kursaal. SV policeman directing traffic with mass of people walking in street (library). SV mass of people walking down street (lib.). SV girl serving ice cream cones (lib.). SV people past sea front shops (lib.). SCU men looking at dirty postcards. CU man putting vinegar on seafood. GV mass of people on beach. SCU men asleep on beach. SCU man asleep in deck-chair pan to another man asleep. GV people by swings and slides. SV children on big wheel. CU woman eating ice cream. SV people on lake in rowing boats. SV people walking past in sun. CU Kursaal. CU ditto sign on top of building. SV pan interior Kursaal partially demolished. CU deserted ‘Air Sport’ area. GV deserted water chute. SV Whoopee Switch back ride deserted. CU upturned dodgem cars, pan GV dodgems in working order (library). SV aeroplane cyclone rider area deserted. CU aeroplane. SV big dipper partially demolished. LV car going along on dipper (library). SV inside view from car going down on the big dipper. LV car going along on big dipper (library). CU faces of people on big dipper (library). GV pan deserted Big Dipper.
Buildings and structures; Entertainment and leisure; Food and cooking; Railways; Engineering
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Godfrey Kenneth Hanshaw
Leslie Mitchell
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