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British Movietone News


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4 Jun 1973
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Hurling
  2. 2Irish Elections
  3. 3Cannes Film Festival
  4. 4News in Colour: Royal Engagement
  5. *Horse Feeding
  6. *Golf Clinic

* Story has local or special distribution


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Hurling. DESCRIPTION: The Hurling Match between Carrolls All Stars and Tipperary at Wembley. All Stars win 1-18 to 1-16. SHOTLIST: LS Irish flag. GV crowd. GV start of play (All Stars playing right to left). MS scramble for ball midfield. MS from free hit, All Stars hit ball between posts for score. MS Tipperary player takes free hit. MGV attack shot is stopped by All Stars goalkeeper & cleared. MLS struggle for ball in All Stars half. MS struggle for ball near All Stars goal, ditto player gets elbow in mouth, finally, Tipperary player hits ball between posts. LS half time, scoreboard 10 all. GV start of second half. MS Tipperary hit ball up field. GV All Stars attacking, AS player pulls Tipperary player away from ball, MS crowd. GV All Stars attack, All Stars player is barged over. MS zoom back All Stars score in net part of goal. MS All Stars player attacks but is tackled and eventually set on by Tipperary player. MS ditto is pushed over. All Stars ditto. MS Tip player having fingers bandaged. MS struggled for ball in midfield. MS Tip player sitting on All Stars player. MS injured player being attended by first aid men as play carries on around them. MS AS defence clear ball. MS Tip player put onto stretcher, 2 MS struggle for ball, Tip player accidentally hit in face and falls to ground. MS zoom player carried off on stretcher.
London; England; Wembley
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Denis White
Godfrey Kenneth Hanshaw
Leslie Mitchell
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