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Toy Fair


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
5 Feb 1973
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Housing - Old and New
  2. 2Toy Fair
  3. 3Amusement Fair
  4. 4Dolphins at the Baths
  5. 5News in Colour: Indian Republic Day Parade


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2 / 5
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Toy Fair. DESCRIPTION: An annual event, the Toy Trade Fair held at Brighton. SHOTLIST: GTV interior toy fair. SV pan up from Triang toddlers toys to model of Concorde. SV salesman and buyer looking at Raleigh Manta sports pedal car £25.00 - £95. CU salesman and woman buyer. SV another salesman demonstrating new foot control Triang pedal car. CU TV showing new pedal controls. SV representative showing customers toddlers Doggy Bike with boot under seat. SV rep demonstrating Flikball to two girls. SV ditto, showing balls being thrown at target on wall. SV pan girl playing Space Race by flying saucer flicking counters on board. SCU ditto, she flicks flying saucers onto lunar surface at end of board. CU boxes of various plastic model kits. CU box of Ferrari F1 plastic kit. SV perfume kits (Arrow Games Ltd.) on wall pan down to girl mixing perfume. CU perfume being blended. CU girl sniffs perfume she’s made. SV man and woman seated at table painting by numbers. CU man’s painting. SV man and woman at table, he looks across & points to woman’s painting then his own. CU woman painting pan to man’s painting on The Laughing Cavalier nearly completed. Full CU man’s painting. SV 2 men playing with Dromo racing car set. SCU 2 men, Tom Richards on left. SCU cars racing round track. STV ditto pan up to the two men. CU man on right. CU as the cars race over flyover. SV pan down man steering Ferrari self drive car along floor past Droma racing track. SCU man with control box round neck. TV self drive car being steered across floor. CU teddies on stand. SV puppets dancing around. SV model of galloping horses roundabout by J Maundrell (original owned by Miss Beach) still in use.
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Denis White
Leslie Mitchell
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