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European Airbus


Series Name
British Movietone News


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Date Released
5 Oct 1972
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Haydock Park Flat Racing
  2. 2New Pram Design
  3. 3European Airbus
  4. 4Twenty Years Ago
  5. 5School Boy Hovercraft


Story No. within this Issue
3 / 5
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: European Airbus. DESCRIPTION: Concorde 02 watches as the Franco-British German Dutch A300 Airbus gets its first public showing. SHOTLIST: SV pan Concorde 02 taxiing on runway. SV Airbus taxiing at Toulouse Airport. GTV Airbus taxiing in front of crowd. SV towards, Michael Heseltine walking across tarmac. GTV pan from nose of Concorde parked in front of crowds to Airbus facing it. CU side of Airbus with 300B on side. AS tail of Airbus. GV wing (made by Britain) of Airbus, Concorde on background. AS wing pan to Airbus. SV Airbus engine, two mechanics standing in front. CU nose of Airbus. SCU French Prime Minister Pierre Messmer watching. SV ministers and VIPs going up steps into Airbus. Tracking shot through interior of Airbus. GV wing and engine. SV ministers (including Heseltine) walking towards hangar. GV inside hangar, Guppy used for transporting Airbus parts. SV propellers on Guppy, pan to open nose section. AS men standing in open nose section. SCU plan of Airbus. GV interior second Airbus under construction in hangar. SV ditto, pan to engineers wiring wings. CU engineer working on wings. SV engine. GV Concorde 02 on tarmac. GV Concorde, showing new design wing Airbus in back ground. SCU Concorde’s new smoke free engines. GTV Concorde and Airbus nose to nose on tarmac.
France; Toulouse
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Leonard Martin
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