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All Colour Reel: The Festive Season


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British Movietone News


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14 Dec 1970
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  1. 1All Colour Reel: The Festive Season


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All Colour Reel
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Christmas Reel Colour. DESCRIPTION: Christmas comes but once a year. But the preparations start well beforehand. Guest of honour at the Variety Club’s Xmas Luncheon is Prime Minister Edward Heath. He joins the stars in presenting gifts collected by the Club for children who’ll be spending the holiday in hospitals or institutions. The commercial side of the festive season means big sales of food and drink, all of which has to be planned in advance by manufacturers and retailers. Special supplies, too, for Britain’s lonely lighthouse keepers. And from lights that burn all the year round to those which advertise the festive season. Power cuts permitting, the Christmas lights in Belfast [sic], London and Glasgow shine out their message of light, hope and warmth. And, of course, holiday time is party time - with the usual reminder for drivers to soft-pedal on the liquid Christmas spirit. But the true Christmas message still gets through to the Children. A time of wonder and delight - when Father Christmas is a reality, even when he appears in every big store. A reminder that the true joy of Christmas is in the giving. SHOTLIST: PART 1 (378’) GV Variety Club lunch. SV Edward Heath with others. SCU Vera Lynn between Bruce Forsyth and Danny la Rue dressed as Father Christmas. SV Heath with Frankie Howerd. CU Frankie Howerd and Mrs Mills. GV Heath presents gifts to matron & nurses. GV Beechams Factory. CU man tasting sample soft drink in laboratory. SV glasses put on table and notes made. GV lecture room manager briefing sales staff. SCU pan hand points to map indicating sales areas, montage sequence - bottles of soft drinks, filled & packed. CU sign Merry Christmas and drinks displayed in shop. AS shopkeeper & sales rep. examine bottles on rack. GV interior supermarket. GV family shopping in supermarket. GV goods into basket (7 scenes). LAS helicopter takes off. GV lighthouse on Lundy Island. CU lighthouse. LAS supplies lowered from ‘copter. LAS man lowered from ‘copter. LAS helicopter away from lighthouse. MV housewife prepares Xmas pudding. CU housewife. CU mixing bowl. CU mixture in giant bowl. GV Maggie Fitzgibbon mixing pudding ingredients. CU mixture in bowl. CU Australian girl. MS stirring pudding. GV Dublin from docks. GV main street in Dublin. MS street scene at night with illuminations. MS childrens’ choir on steps. CUs, GV, MS, MCU ditto. CU crib. MS pan to Christmas tree. PART 2 (266’) CU into focus - Regent Street lights. LS ditto. CU bells. TV shot Regent Street lights. TV shot Glasgow lights. TV shot ditto. GV Glasgow lights. CU small girl. GV lights. MS people arrive for party. CU keys handed to driver. MS people drinking at party. MCU driver drinking soft drink. CU Scotch taken from optics. CU beer glass filled. GV interior East End pub. CU piano keyboard. MS people dance in pub. MS people dance at party. MS people dance in pub. MS people dance at party. Pan people dance in pub, quick pan bottles. MCU lights as seen through car windscreen. CU crash sequence. MS wrecked cars. CU revolving lights on ambulance. TS & CU ambulance. MS ambulance with shadow of driver. MS traffic along at night. GV penguins in shop window. CUs (4) ditto, space car, clockwork dog, robot. TS ditto, zoom out child with Father Christmas, ditto another child. CU small boys. MS crying child with Father Christmas. Zoom in small child with Father Christmas. CU sign Christmas Greetings.
Organisations; Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Music and dance; Entertainment and leisure; Health and medicine; Food and cooking; Aviation; Domestic life; Shops and shopping; Business and commerce; Horticulture; Fundraising; Celebrations and festivals; Industry and manufacture; Social welfare; Road transport; Accidents and disasters; Performing arts; Toys and models
London; Glasgow; Dublin; Republic of Ireland; United Kingdom
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Leslie Mitchell
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