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Blyth Sets Sail


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
22 Oct 1970
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Blyth Sets Sail
  2. 2Severn Tunnel
  3. 3Six-Hour Boat Race
  4. 4Saloon Car Race
  5. 5National Kart Championships


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Blyth Sets Sail. DESCRIPTION: Ex-paratrooper and Atlantic rower Chay Blyth sets sail from the Solent in an attempt to circumnavigate the World from East to West. His 59ft. steel-hulled yacht British Steel gets a final check over and there’s a reception before Chay leaves on the 40,000 mile voyage against winds and currents that’s regarded as the yachtsman’s Everest. SHOTLIST: GV yacht British Steel being prepared. SCU Blyth on deck. SV interior of yacht showing radio & navigation equipment. SV ditto. SV entrance of cabin pan up to Blyth on deck with others checking sails. CU Blyth’s daughter Samantha on deck. SV Blyth on deck checking sail rope. GV reception at Royal Southern Yacht Club. SV pan guests standing drinking. SV Blyth talks to girl. CU Mrs Chay Blyth. SV ditto with guests. GV crowds British Steel and yachts. SV Blyth holding daughter. CU name British Steel on yacht. SV Blyth waves from deck with wife. LV ditto as she sails down river. SV guests waving & toasting at departure. SV British Steel down Solent. SV Blyth waves from deck. GV yacht down river escorted by flotilla of small craft.
Sport; Organisations; Ships and boats; Entertainment and leisure; Children; Sailing
Southampton; United Kingdom
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Leslie Mitchell
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