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By Coach from Basel to Berlin


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
13 Jul 1970
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Outback Rally
  2. 2By Coach from Basel to Berlin
  3. 3Royal Show
  4. 4Australian Rodeo
  5. 5Dragon Boat Race


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2 / 5
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: By Coach From Basel to Berlin. DESCRIPTION: An old postal coach makes a sentimental journey through the European countryside. Instead of a post horn, a Swiss pop ground travels part of the way. And the route passes the new Olympia Stadium in Munich under construction for the 1972 Games. SHOTLIST: LV old stagecoach along highway. SV ditto. CU horses. SV coach travelling towards. SV & CU monument (2). LV coach travelling towards. CU man on top of coach singing. AS ditto pan to people on roadside. CU (2) women look on. SV cows as coach passes. CU man singing. CU horses. Zoom out to SV coach along highway. LAS pan down church at Dachau. SCU band leader. SCU pan along boys band. 2 SVs stagecoach, pan band marching. GV old postal coach through Munich - cathedral in b/g. SV postal coach. LV tower zoom out to Olympia stadium under construction. SV coach - stadium in b/g. GV pan stadium under construction. LV pan coach passes over motorway bridge. TV coach along main street in West Berlin. GV pan ditto. CU driver greeted. SV ditto.
Buildings and structures; Music and dance; Vehicles; Postal services; Animals; Engineering
Switzerland; West Germany
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Leslie Mitchell
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