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Sauna baths


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Astra Gazette


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Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1National gliding championships
  2. 2Pet otter
  3. 3Sauna baths
  4. 4RAF Regatta - Marlow


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3 / 4
Pathe’s Database Entry for this item: "Date : 7/09/56 SAUNA BATHS. (Kensington) MS Girl approaching building which has Sauna Ltd written over it. CS. Girl looking at notice - she pushes open door and goes in. MS Cubicles. CU Various names over the cubicles "Trondheim" MS Cubicles - the girl leaves her cubicle and walks towards camera. MS Girl getting on scales. MS Girl on scales being weighed by attendant - she walks off the scales out of picture L to R. MS Girl entering shower and turning it on. CU Shower in operation. MS Girl in shower. CU Girl in shower, taken from above - she turns off the shower puts on her towel and walks out of picture right to left. LS Girl walking down corridor to drying room. MS Interior drying room showing three girls lying on benches - our girl walks in and lies on another bench. - a fair girl picks up a switch and starts to switch herself. CU Girl switching herself. CU Girl’s face. CU A dark girl who looked up and smiles at the other one. MS Girl switching herself. BCU Girl smiling CU Girl smiling. CU Girl lying on couch. MS Three girls together attendant comes in and pours water onto the stones. BCU Stone and water pouring into it. MS Woman walks out picture with the water jug. CU Girl in cold shower. MS Girl being massaged. CU Girl being massaged CU Masseurs. BCU Girl’s face. MS Girl being massaged. MS Rest room with two girls sitting on chairs having refreshments - our girl enters and sits beside them, an attendant comes in with a tray of refreshments, and hands the drink to our girl. CU Girl accepting glass and starting to drink. (Eastman Neg)."
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Pathe Colour Pictorial   Issue No.80
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