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1968 - Year of Change


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British Movietone News


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30 Dec 1968
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  1. 11968 - Year of Change


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: 1968 - Year of Change. DESCRIPTION: Movietone reviews this year of change - when protest raised its voice louder than ever before. Discord between the generations, as youth seeks to overthrow authority. Discord between the races and ideologies. But behind the headlines of Czechoslovakia, the murder of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and the continuing conflict in Vietnam, there’ that other world of spectaculars in Space and Transplant Surgery; the courageous voyage of Alec Rose, the terrible ordeal of survivors of earthquakes in Sicily and Persia. These items - and many more - are featured in our record of the past twelve monthsIn our next issue, all the Sporting Headlines of 1968. SHOTLIST: Main Title. Title: 1968 - Year of Change. 5 shots demonstrators walk through London on Oct. 27th during Vietnam peace march. LS demonstrators running through London streets. 3 shots assassination of Robert Kennedy. MS Martin Luther King walking. 2 shots American astronauts and rocket blast off. 2 shots Yuri Gagarin funeral. 3 shots Ronan Point disaster flats. 2 shots Australian acrobat Adrian Labans falls from high wire. GV building collapses on fire in Sydney. 3 shots Glasgow fire. 3 shots French oil refinery fire. 4 shots south east England floods. 4 shots Sicilian Earthquake disaster. 6 shots Persian earthquake disaster. 2 shots Spitfire & Hurricane flypast at RAF 50th anniversary. F111 Swing Wing aircraft in flight. GV British nuclear submarine. MS lorry with car bodies drives out of factory. Pan new decimal coins. 3 shots gold coins and finder. 3 shots Lord Mayor of London hands over London Bridge in Arizona, USA. 3 shots QE2 during speed trials. 4 shots SRN4 hovercraft goes into service. 2 shots Concorde 002 rolled out at Filton. LS Concorde 001 taking trials in Toulouse. 3 shots parachute wedding couple landing in Poland. MS Jacqueline Kennedy marrying Aristotle Onassis in Greece. MS Linda Ludgrove wedding. MS Jeremy Thorpe wedding. 2 shots Diana Dors wedding. 2 shots 97 year old Charlie Brown weds his 81 year old sweetheart. MS Mark Wynter wedding. 4 shots Boeing crash at London Airport. 4 shots Viscount crash on autobahn in Bavaria. Elizabethan freighter crashes at LAP. 5 shots New Zealand ferry Wahine disaster. 4 shots Sitakund Norwegian tanker blazing off Eastbourne. 3 shots Alec Rose returns to Portsmouth. MS Nelson’s column cleaned. 3 shots Mike Meaney surfaces after 61 days underground. LS Wally Mellish ends his 8 day siege in Sydney. 4 shots John James ends 17 day siege in Shropshire. 3 shots Harold Wilson & Ian Smith talks on HMS Fearless in Gibraltar. 5 shots immigrants enter Britain. 3 shots Vietnam peace talks in Paris. 6 shots Thy offensive in Vietnam. 2 shots Dubcek at Bratislava talks. 7 shots Russians invade Czechoslovakia. MS Dr Christian Barnard in South Africa. 2 shots Dr Philip Blaiberg in S Africa. 2 shots British transplant team. 3 shot Chi-Chi and An-An at London Zoo. MS polar bear cub Pipaluk at L. Zoo. 2 shots Miss Penny Plummer of Australia becomes Miss World. Revolving globe (Library Stock shots). 2 shots riots in Germany. 2 shots riots in France. Riots in London. Russians invade Czechoslovakia. Martin L King in USA. Refugees in Saigon. French Protest march & CU of General de Gaulle. CU President Johnson. CU President Nixon. 4 shots Hornsey College of Art. 2 shots Danny Cohn Bandit - Danny the Red in England. Rudy Dutchke in Germany. Riots in Rome University. Montage of French riots. 4 shots riots in Italy. CU French student. 2 shots Rome riots. French riots. Poor people’s march in USA. French H-Bomb test on Fangataufa. 3 shots Poor People’s march. Black Power Protest during Mexico Games. CU President Nixon in USA. 2 shots war in Vietnam. 3 shots Vietnam protest in London. 7 shots Vietnam war. 2 shots Vietnam protest in London. 3 shots riots in Germany. 3 shots French riots. End Title.
Commemorations; Sport; Ethnic groups; Students; Education and training; Politics and government; Ships and boats; Music and dance; Entertainment and leisure; Vehicles; Health and medicine; Displays; Women; Environment; Weapons; Curiosities; Economics; Aviation; Competitions; Social conditions; Transport; Business and commerce; Death; Celebrations and festivals; Science and technology; Conferences; Records; Stunts; Industry and manufacture; Ceremonies; Older people; Demonstrations; Displaced persons; Pollution; Riots; Space; Marriages; Local government; Occupied territories; Navy; Crime; Review of the Year; Animals; Performing arts; Military; Nuclear energy; Funerals; History and archaeology; Assassinations
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Leslie Mitchell
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