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What Future Olympic Amateurs?


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British Movietone News


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4 Nov 1968
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Dramatic Peace Move
  2. 2Suez Flare-Up
  3. 3The Atlantic - in a Dinghy
  4. 4Comeback for Horse Power
  5. 5What Future Olympic Amateurs?
  6. 6Motocross Title


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5 / 6
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: What Future Olympic Amateurs?. DESCRIPTION: Now that the Mexico Games are over - we count our Medals, and consider how much longer the British traditions of Amateurism can stand up to the Power Game being played by the Communists and Americans, who spare no expense to build up an elite of Sporting Supermen. Typical of this difference in approach - the fantastic Vera Caslavska of Czechoslovakia, winner of four Golds, trained to the ultimate by the State she represents, and Chris Finnegan, the Bricklayer-boxer who had to struggle all the way to find time to train, and who returns with a Gold Medal but little hope of recovering the wages he voluntarily lost while preparing for Mexico. SHOTLIST: MS pan Australian rider’s horse crashes into fence. MLS Olympic closing parade. GV crowd waving. MLS parade. MS Olympic flame extinguished. GV firework display. LS sign Munich ‘72. MS slow motion Czechoslovakia’s Vera Caslavska vaulting. MS crowd. MS slow motion & normal speed Vera Caslavska. MS crowd applaud. MS Vera receives her Gold Medal. MS Chris Finnegan boxing in final. MS boxer’s feet. MS bout in progress. MS judge. MS zoom out bout finishes. MS judges. MS zoom in Finnegan’s arm raised. MS zoom in he receives his gold medal. MCU Finnegan and young daughter (Iver). CU medal. MS sign Well down Chris Finnegan. MS sign Three cheers for Chris. MS front door of Finnegan’s house in Iver. LAS sign over door. MCU relation with his daughter. MCU two relations. MCU Finnegan with gold medal. MCU pan Finnegan with relatives. CU medal. 1 - scenes from the Olympics & closing ceremony. 2 - Chris Finnegan at home.
Sport; Entertainment and leisure; Fires; Celebrations and festivals; Horses; Ceremonies; Physical fitness and training; Newsreels
Mexico; United Kingdom; Buckinghamshire; Iver; Mexico City
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Leslie Mitchell
Roy Page
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