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Australia on the Ball


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British Movietone News


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10 Jun 1968
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Australia on the Ball
  2. 2America Bound
  3. 3Palace from the Past
  4. 4Student Voice
  5. 5America Mourns


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Australia on the Ball. DESCRIPTION: Australia beat Great Britain 25 points to 10 in their World Championship Rugby League match in Sydney. And the ball is really shifting during some spectacular scoring moves. But a rather more leisurely pace highlights one of Australia’s growing export industries. Bowls, made of plastic, to a spot-on degree of accuracy. SHOTLIST: GV Great Britain attacking during World Championship Rugby match against Australia. MLS Brooke receives pass and scores try. GV crowd. GV Australia attacking - Coote with the ball as he is chased by Brooke. MS as Coote passes to Greaves who is tackled by GB Defender Millward. LS as ball is passed to Coote who goes over to score try. GV crowd cheering. MS as Australia attack - Smith scores try. MS man playing bowls - pan with bowl. CU ingredients for making bowls - poured onto scales to be weighed. MCU ingredients tipped into machine which makes them into pellets. CU machine operating. MCU ditto. CU as man takes pellet from machine. MCU machine moulding pellets into shape. MS man operating lathe to cut bowl to correct shape. MS man operating lathe. CU bowl being polished. MS man rolls bowls down chute onto testing table. CU bowls rolling along table. CU name S Africa painted onto box. CU name England on box. Ditto Japan & Hong Kong. CU man playing bowls. MS bowl rolling along green.
Sport; Industry and manufacture
Sydney; Australia
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Douglas Cameron
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