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Earl Attlee


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British Movietone News


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12 Oct 1967
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Earl Attlee
  2. 2The Student Prince
  3. 3Safety Bleep
  4. 4Six Hours Outboard
  5. 5Falcons’ Five Hundred


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1 / 5
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Earl Attlee. DESCRIPTION: A tribute to the former leader of the Labour Party, Prime Minister from 1945-to-1951, who has died at the age of eighty-four. SHOTLIST: Library Material. (Key scene for GR). MCU Earl Attlee. CU ditto. MS school group photograph with Earl Attlee in. Mix to CU ditto. CU photograph of Earl Attlee as young man. Mix to CU photograph of London’s slums. CU another photo of London slums. CU photograph of Earl Attlee in military uniform. GV Houses of Parliament. GV H of P from gateway. LAS Big Ben. Fade out, fade in. MS Earl Attlee placing book on bookshelves. CU Earl Attlee reading book. MS Earl Attlee sitting with family. MCU Earl Attlee showing his little girl a book. MCU pan Earl Attlee with group, including King George VI and Winston Churchill. GV naval march-past. MCU Attlee and King George VI. Wipe to MCU Attlee sitting with other members of Parliament. CU Attlee. MAS Attlee at Potsdam Conference. MS Attlee with Harry S Truman and Josef Stalin at the Potsdam Conference. MS Attlee at Potsdam conference, wipe to GV fountains at the Festival of Britain. MS Attlee shaking hands with George VI. HAS Attlee with the Queen Mother looking at railway exhibit. MCU ditto. GV Houses of Parliament. CU sign Polling Station. CU ditto (x2). MS Attlee leaving No 10 Downing Street. MS Attlee’s car driving off. CU Attlee. GV members on steps of St. George’s Chapel, Windsor after Attlee has been made Knight of the Garter. MS ditto. MS Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip leaving after ceremony. MS Attlee sitting with Mr Wilson and Mr Brown. MCU pan ditto. MS Attlee making a speech. MCU pan ditto.
Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Entertainment and leisure; Railways; Social conditions; Death; Conferences; Ceremonies; Navy; Diplomacy; Military; Awards and honours; Exhibitions and shows
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Leslie Mitchell
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